View Full Version : Get dizzy/headaches playing Anno 2205 or watching Anno 1800 clips.

08-28-2018, 09:14 AM

I opened a similar topic on the Steam forums hoping I could find a solution which brought me here. I love the Anno series they're my favourtite games. Sadly I can't play Anno 2205 because of the intense lightning/bloom effects which make dizzy. The same happens when I watch clips of Anno 1800. My head gets very hot...

I can play Anno 1404 and 2070 or any other game perfectly fine and I've been doing that for more almost 30 years. My first question is this. What exactly changed in Anno 2205/1800 that is causing me this? I have a suspision that it's the lightning, especially the intense white on all the buildings. To me it's like beneath all the display there's a white lamp blasting at me. Anno 1404 has such warm and friendly colours compared to 2205/1800 (to my mind/brain).

There is no option to turn down the bloom/lightning effects on Anno 2205 so my question is if it would be possible to do that in Anno 1800. I've already missed out on Anno 2205 and I'd be sad if it would be the same for 1800 but understand if you have no time to implement this option. Thank you for reading and wish you all a great week.

08-28-2018, 12:01 PM
Sorry to hear that, sounds very unfortunate. Maybe you have already tried something similar but there's this application called f.lux that changes the brightness and color temperature of your display either manually or automatically when the sun in your timezone goes down. It sometimes disables itself when one starts a game but if you press ALT & End you should be able to turn it on and increase/decrease the intensity with ALT & Picture Up/Down. Otherwise just run the game in borderless window mode and that should do it as well.
Hope that helps

08-29-2018, 01:53 PM
Hey Ben thank you for the reply! I tried your suggestion and sadly it did not work for 2205, though I will use it in future games. It makes them much more pleasent for me so thank you! If I miss 1800 as well then I'd be sad but so be it really. Already have way too many games haha! :D I hope you and all Anno fans have a great time playing! Enjoy your week!

08-30-2018, 04:42 PM
Are you sure it's the lighting/bloom that makes you dizzy and not frame rate or refresh rate perhaps? Because I got headaches too while playing 2205, but I thought that was because my PC wasn't strong enough to hold a stable FPS.