View Full Version : My time in ranked duel.

08-24-2018, 07:30 AM
So heres my little story. I started as a diamond 2 lost my first match got knocked down to a plat 5 ( this is all within the first couple days of ranked being added ) proceeded to lose most of my games (because I was mad at the game and I dont play well when I'm mad) and the ones I did win most the time people quit cuz there's no penalty. Ended up going down to a plat 1 in like 2 days. I just yesterday finally made my way up to at 5 again and today I was on the verge becoming my diamond again. Keep in mind I've played so much now I gain like 10-16 points a win. About to win my next match it was 2-0 lead and my batteries died. Luckaly the dude I was playing was a champion and didnt take a free round. I didn't have any rechargeable batteries left. Had to go downstairs get some batteries. When I came back I pluged them into my controller my controllers turning on and a notice flashes on the screen kicked for inactivity I got a penalty which brought my rank down to plat 4. And I got a half an hour band from rank. And if I'm not mistaken I will incur a point debuff for a little (I'm not sure).

Rank has just been a painful experience for me I don't understand why are you guys set rank up the way you did. Boggles my mind. I think I'm done with rank from now on. I tried so hard to like it but no wonder it is always "low activity".

08-24-2018, 08:03 AM
because its for now the only way to punish the ppl that leave a match when they lose.
so if they leave because the match ended they lose more points then when they just take the lost.
i feel u about the inactivity and points lost that u get but ask yourself " u rather want all the ragequitters back and gain 0 pts all the time ? or u just eat that 1 time penalty and keep on going?"
u can prepare yourself in the future with your batteries but u cant prepare yourself if all the leavers leave again and u are left behind with 0 pts.