View Full Version : Repost of a NEW game mode idea

08-24-2018, 03:13 AM
An idea i have for a game more that i think would be popular would be a King of the Hill type scenario.
-the object is to get to say 100 points. 4 people (or maybe more) in a free for all vs some bots.

-Pyramid type building where you start at the bottom, fight each other and lvl 1 bots. You need 3 kills or 1 execution and you get a "buff" that allows you to go through a force field of some type (fire.. magic whatever) to the stairs to the next level where there are lvl 2 bots and anyone else who has made it to that level. Again you need kills or executions but now its 5 kills or 3 executions to get the next buff to get to the third level where there are lvl 3 bots and other players. You need 5 executions or 7 kills to get to the top.

-The top is a 3 player max area. This is where you start earning points. the KING is the guy who can stay up there and earn his 100 points without dying. If you fall off you have a limited time limit to get back upif there is room, if not you wait till someone else dies, defending youself alone from lvl 3 botsand your point total is halved.

-First one to last to 100 points wins. Yes it would be a long game. I havent worked out all the logistics. Perhaps have even 2 modes, single player and team.

-If you die by combat.. you go down a level and lose your buff except lvl top level, and have to earn it again.

I just think its a good idea. There are alot of people who are good, yes, but currently i feel the duel mode of figuring out the hierarchy is lame as, in previous posts, ive mentioned it seems to come down to a set combo of moves to win and whomever makes the first mistake loses. Fine and dandy... but when EVERYONE else on the map is gunning for YOU... now how good are you?

Anywho, im done hating on the game, its not the game i hate, its some aspects but to be honest, most of them since day 1, have been addressed at some point or another so.. kudos to you guys who program and who play. Rome wasnt build in a day.

PS fix shaman

PSS Glad needs a decapitating execution pls

PSS Conq needs a RAWR celebration that doesnt make him look like a drunk 14yr old kid who just got his first hand job.