View Full Version : please change the xp values

08-11-2018, 10:13 PM
there is a reason why everyone plays dominion. its the fastest way to gain xp. even if you play tribute or skirmish or elimination you don't get as much. if you lose a dominion match you are almost equal to winning a skirmish match. duel and brawl barely give anything. Ubi you need to to something to change this so people can actually match in something else that's actually fun while gaining a good amount of xp. otherwise everyone will play dominion, hate this game, and post stupid bs in this feed like the a hole who keeps posting about soccer and athletes.

08-12-2018, 05:04 AM

This is absolutely correct. Everyone who only cares about cosmetics will play dominion, and so will people who are only worried about their hero reps.