View Full Version : A suggestion for a more streamlined matchmaking system

07-24-2018, 11:18 PM
Disclaimer: I have no insight into how the current matchmaking system actually works, nor do I have any experience in coding this kind of functionality.

A big portion of the community has reported problems with For Honor’s matchmaking system, some of them from day 1. We’re talking about stuff like being matched up with players that are far off your own skill level, or having a full team of solo players matched up with a premade.
This is obviously not a good thing, and the dev team have been working on it for a long time. Honestly it has become better. A lot better. But there is still room for improvement and I would like to throw out my suggestion for a unit-based matchmaking system that, if this thing actually works, could alleviate some of the frustration and streamline the matchmaking at least a bit better.

The basic theory behind this thing is to tread every entry into the matchmaking queue as a unit. If you solo-queue you are a unit of one, bring a friend and you have a unit of 2, a full team is a unit of 4. To complement this you also need a good system to evaluate a player’s skill, and how to calculate skill for teams. This I leave open.
Now, the point of this system is to prioritise teams as opposed to solo players. In theory this will put teams vs teams a lot more often than vs solo players without splitting up the queues.
So with a full team of 4, the team is now a unit of 4, this is how the system will see it, they’re not four players. A unit of 4 will always have another unit of 4 as top pick during match making. So when a full team of 4 queues up, the system will first scroll through suitable units of the same size, and not until all available prio 1 units have been deemed unsuitable does it move on to prio 2, then prio 3, 4 and so on. The first priority is always to mirror the queueing unit, and them moves away from that, trying to find a match with as much team potential as possible. The system works in reverse when you queue up alone.
So when you queue up as a unit of 4 it will go like this:
4 -> 2x2 -> 3x1 -> 2x1x1 -> 1x1x1x1
A unit of 3 will go:
(1)3x1 -> (1)2x2 -> (1)4 -> (1)2x1x1 -> (1)1x1x1x1
A queue for a unit of 2 will be:
(2)2x2 -> (2)3x1 -> (2)4 -> (2)2x1x1 -> (2)1x1x1x1
(1x1)2x2 -> (1x1)3x1 -> (1x1)4 -> (1x1)2x1x1 -> (1x1)1x1x1x1
Finally a queue for 1:
(1x1x1)1x1x1x1 -> (1x1x1)2x1x1 -> (1x1x1)2x2 -> (1x1x1)3x1 -> (1x1x1)4

Thoughts and comments welcome.