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06-26-2018, 04:48 AM
I'm pretty excited to jump into Ancient Greece but I have to admit I'm scared there won't be a lot of variety. Beyond combat and naval missions and exploration I fear the game will get stale very fast. What was awesome about games like Black Flag and Syndicate that preceded it was the amount of activities and the depth of interacting with your environment. For example in Flag you can get into bar brawls after unlocking a tavern; Syndicate there were various fight clubs to partake in. Also in Syndicate there were boat raids, smuggling, escort carts, racing, and even a glitch in the animus that took you to another time period to play as a different character! While in AC: Black Flag sailing the blue sea felt so alive with so much activity: specific short underwater treasure searches, hunting sharks, whale, etc., templar missions, assassination missions (bounty hunts), hunting, fortress conquest. It just seemed endless with variety.

I strongly fear that Odyssey won't have this depth based on information and footage I pulled from this game. Everything seems to be centered on combat (Conquest missions, diminishing a faction's food and supplies, naval combat, and taking on mercenaries) and that's about it. You can't interact with NPCs (wave hello or anything), take a drink like you could in Black Flag, racing in any capacity (I know they haven't confirmed or deny but the lack of mention suggest there won't be any), etc.

What's very important to an open world isn't just the cool abilities your character has or the richness and vastness of the world but how you can get lost in it by doing things. I feel like the further they go back in time then the less there is to do.

Again I fear there won't be a lot to do besides combat-oriented quests and activities and jumping on your ship to sail around. I mean for crying out loud it appears there were more things to do in Origins (chariot races, combat arenas, trials of Anubis). What disappoints me even further is that these people created Syndicate so I was expecting much more. Wish they had more activities and interesting as things you can do with your character to make the world alive. 😕

06-27-2018, 11:20 PM
Does anyone else feel as though there's not enough diversity to open world besides combat-oriented missions/quests and limited naval gameplay?