View Full Version : problem with tha GH Futture Soldier

06-19-2018, 09:20 PM
Hi, my name is Andrew and recently i reinstalled the GH Future Soldier. My problem is tha the game constantly drops fps and lag ( i don't if that's a crash) it opens just fine and when i play its starting to drop fps and lags (it happens every 2-3 minutes .And that problem occurred to me only now. The last and the first time that i installed the game i never had this problem not even a little bit.
Mind that:
The last and first install was via cd without uplay.
This time i did via cd again then i canceled it and did from uplay which mean downloaded.
Also it is the originally game in case that it created some questions.

i tried to lower my graphics doesnt help.I reinstalled the uplay neither this helped.

My specs on laptop are:
I3-4500u 1.7ghz
nvidia geforce 820 the 1gb version
4gb ram
windows 8.1

I think i said all or more correctly writen :p. Sorry if i killed the English its not my first language.
but i really need some help :(.