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06-18-2018, 03:19 PM
Since the games release I'm sure everyone on here veterans and even newer players have an evolution of mains, who they started with, who they currently main, who they tried to main etc so I'm curious to find out from everyone where you started and how you progressed over the last year and a half and to where you have ended up, and I'm talking about heroes you mained why you mained them and maybe why you don't main them anymore. this is just a fun positive topic especially for the ones on here who are familiar faces.

I started with kensei, I loved the Japanese history and culture so for me it had to be kensei and bear in mind back then no one knew anything about mixups etc so it was just block and attack and occasionally parry but for me kensei I could just use his dodge heavy all day and never lose literally it was that easy I didn't even know I could feint his finisher into other attacks, but because everyone else didn't really parry and got flustered by his attack coming from the opposite side to his dodge it meant an easy win. so I repped him up to 5 and then stopped because felt his move-set was boring and people were catching on how to counter his dodge attacks and the turtle meta started to become a thing which meant kensei was useless in his current state.

I moved onto valkyrie and at the time she was a goddess, fastest lights, dodge attacks, deflects, I really really OP vortex and her sweep which no one knew how to dodge the sweep, no one knew how to escape the vortex, no one knew block a dash light and you get a free GB so maining her was a no brainer, I was having fun and I knew how to win in 4v4 and 1v1 with or without the vortex, then they nerfed her damage and recovery and it took to long to kill people, the sweep became to predictable and the turtle meta meant people just block everything and wait for her to whiff a sweep or a shield crush I stopped at rep 10 with her and now I wait for a rework then ill brush of the webs.

Then I jumped on the centurion band wagon about a month after his release and boy this was the most fun I'd had in ages, he was so powerful, his ability to completely drain a heavies health to 0 in one combo was soooo OP but hey you cant beat them join them, stun locking people , soft feint GB, wall splatting for endless combos it was so fun even though once learnt it was super easy it was still fun to stomp noobs because thats all he was was a noob stomper, but more than that I thought his customisation was the best looking and I just enjoyed my time as a cent main, then his must deserved nerf came and now he is useless in most aspects and i've put him away at rep13

Between cent and now ive just been playing other heroes not for long term just because thing would get a bit boring. after the zerker rework I repped him up to 5 and really enjoy his HA dominance. I also repped up nobushi, orochi, HL, shinobi and just playing randoms heroes to find my new main.

Where I am now is right where it started for me, back with kensei, I never played his since S1 and I saw a lot of talk about his rework but I only recently decided to try him again and im feeling his new rework, his so much better, more fun, more mixups, more feints and soft feints, better finishers, better Hyper amour. So now until the new Chinese faction im going to enjoy my kensei try to go for max rep with him.

To be continued....

What's your story?

06-18-2018, 05:00 PM
I bought the game because of the Peacekeeper and this before I saw any tier list, sword and dagger dual wield is my thing in games whether D&D or roleplay games, when I saw a dual wielder then I was going to play the hell out of her. I also liked Valkyrie and Nobushi at that time so they got some attention also but it was mostly peacekeeper.

I really liked the assassin playstyle, so I added berserker and later shinobi to the mix but I was finding myself in a lot of assassin only games, a team of peacekeeper, two shinobi and an orochi, being the tankiest character on the team pretty much sucked. As I was a pug 4v4 player I repped up a vanguard (Warden) a heavy (Conqueror) and Nobushi and Valkyrie alongside Peacekeeper. So for a long time I haven't had a main at all really. As I was a knight up until this season with the volcano mess, while I will always have characters across the factions my faction is always going to be where I spend the most time, I had Gladiator to 7 and put a rep each into Lawbringer and Centurion before I transferred platforms.

I started on PC with Valkyrie and she was the reason I went with Viking, also got over my salt over the Peacekeeper rework (not because of the nerfs but the fact they want her to be an in your face threat as opposed to the counter attacker I try to play her as) and put a rep into her for easy bleed as I run with a Shaman player now I have joined a group, next season I will be Samurai whatever happens in the faction war as I took on Nobushi, Aramusha, Shinobi and am repping Kensei until october where I will be joining the Wu Lin and repping all of those to seven (or eight so I can get top tier event gear), I like the sound of all of them, though I intend to get one, likely Nuxia, to 50 around whatever my team composition needs if it needs to be not an assassin in a few games.

06-18-2018, 05:05 PM
I don't even know if i've never had a true main, i play everyone and im switching my "mains" like socks but here's the story behind my A-team:

My first love was Nobushi, i've always been interested in Asian culture in general but ever since i was a kid there has always been something truly fascinating about ninjas and the Samurai so without a second thought, i joined the war as Samurai and picked up Nobushi because she looked like the 2nd most badass character (i was afraid to pick shugo as my first hero as he seemeed too clumsy for me to handle) Boy, did i have fun with her in Season 1. I was in love with the kick and her animations when cutting the minions looked sick! I didn't even know she had Hidden Stance before my first rep and that's when i went absolutely berserk with her. In the end i never played her long enough to really master my way around it but just confusing my enemies with it and catching them with the dodge attack was a blast!
Unfortunately as the time passed i started to face more and more skilled players and noticed that i didn't handle myself as well anymore with her and started to lose my interest in her passive style of combat...

...so i decided to switch to Kensei. All of the badass ornaments and executions, man they looked cool so i started to play him. For the longest time i wasn't very comfortable with feinting yet and i had no idea you could cancel his ub into other moves either. But so i started my humble way in rising up the ranks, i liked to roleplay a little imagining the journey of my little Kensei boi as he would start off as a young promising warrior, then move to being a heroic General, a true leader of men. And finally, become the Demon Lord he is now with his Soul Eater executions, blood-red mask and the spiked horns ornament (the one with the cool *** fluffy hair). He now is my favourite hero.

Sharing the place for my 2nd favourite heroes nowadays are Warden, Warlord and the allmighty Lawbringer. Besides their movesets which i think all are very fun to play, i like how all of them are hardworking powerhouses. Nothing comes for free as these heroes but any battle can turn into a victory if you give it all you got. I see my Warden as this honourable protector of justice, i always treat my enemies with respect, afterall we're just puzzles in this war am i right? Anyhow im considering about turning him into a Dark Lord of some sort as soon as i hit rep 7 with the Black Iron material and some scary effects. Im secrectly hoping that one day i'd be able to get Apollyon's leather cape and her clawed armpieces as loot.

06-18-2018, 07:37 PM
I have a main once but heís a dead character. Now Iím waiting on a new main.

06-19-2018, 12:07 AM
Beta through most of Season 1 was Orochi. I had an interest in Nobushi but I just couldn't pick her up. I liked orochi because he seemed speedy as heck. And in fighters I tend to choose the quicker but weaker hitting heros. When season 2 dropped I picked up Centurion. I chose him because he was a show boaty bully. I mean he litterally punches and kicks people. That and he's Roman. I have a major soft spot for greek/roman history stuff.

And it's kind of just been Centurion since then. I do bounce around quite frequently. Even though I don't play Centurion nearly as much as I used to he's the only person i'm comfortable with calling a main. I will say in trying out all the heros I did sort of fall in love with raider. Though he's pretty awful in duels. But man when he works does he feel great. I enjoy raider because he's a grappler/thrower type hero. Which is pretty unique in terms of for honor. I tried picking up gladiator when he first dropped but I don't know. He just doesn't feel right to me. He doesn't seem to have to play by anyone's rules. He gets to just do whatever. When season 4 dropped I tried picking up both shaman and aramusha.

I will always love shaman for what she is. The only hero in the game with a completely viable moveset across all skill levels. But I just don't enjoy playing her myself. And I liked aramusha as a concept. But even in picking up the unique things about him that most people don't do I still don't enjoy how things end up for him. On the plus side in searching for a new main I was finally able to pick up Nobushi. I love her almost as much as I love Centurion.

Looking forward I imagine my new main is probably going to be the Shaolin just because I really dig monks/staff play in any game. I'm really interested in the idea of Nuixa but both of her unique things sound very..easily over powered conceptually. Which means they'll be hit or miss. Unless the devs manage to work their magic like they did for Shaolin.

EDIT: I forgot. I did try a few times through out seasons 1-4 to pick up lawbringer. He just doesn't feel right to me. Which sucks because I love the weapon.

06-19-2018, 01:25 AM
So my first main was Valkyrie. I knew I was always going to be a Viking coming into this game, and it was originally my intention to only play Viking heroes. When I first started playing Valkyrie, I fell in love. Her voice lines, movelist and how I played with her just felt right. I had her repped to roughly around 10, and was planning to get her to rep 30 before I touched anyone else but that changed as I started to grow bored with her, and then around middle of season 1 I heard Lawbringer was going to get the buff he deserved. This was when Rep 3 got you max gear score.

I started playin Lawbringer before his first buff as I wanted max gear score and to be familiar with him before the buff. It was before he got buffed I started to realise that this was my character. Heís tall, like I am, intimidating and just reeks of power. His executions where brutal, and IMO heís the best looking hero on the roster and I loved how I could customise him. I grew to master his moveset and dismantled many a player, and harvested plenty of salt and adored the messages calling me a hacker. Fast forward to season 2, and Valkyrie had her nerf and it was just so hard to kill skilled players as everyone had finally caught on and figured the game out. So it was then I decided to main LB to the then max rep of 30.

From memory, I didnít go straight to 30. I had breaks with Warden and PK, but never for long. I finally got LB to 30, and decided to go back to my roots and level up a Viking. I chose Raider and played him a lot. Then I went back to PK and repped her past 10, and then found my new main in Warden. The higher rep caps got introduced, and then I never really had a solid main, besides LB of course. I didnít main him all the way through to 40/50 from the get go, but switched between him and other heroes. I then took a big break in Season 4-5 due to one Warriors Den stream that based on community questions and came back late Season 5 and only played LB and Warden till I got LB to 50, and now with double XP I bounced around between many heroes. Now Iím not sure who to play.

06-19-2018, 09:08 AM
it's nice to see where everyone started and where you are now. If I have too many bad games with a character i'm enjoying then it completely destroys my buzz for that hero and then I try and pick someone else. Ive been repping up my kensei and after 3 bad games not that bad but for me they were bad now i'm thinking hmm who shall I play now so I'm thinking zerker, I don't have too many bad games with him.

06-19-2018, 10:32 AM
Hi there,

On my side i spend almost all season 1 with Warden as i use to play him during story mode and he is easy to start with, i was feeling and doing good, rep him up till 11.

After that, the brutal Centurion was released in season 2 and i spend all this season with Him, rep him up till 8.

Season 3 : I start to be bored with Cent but Glad and High was not fitting my play style , i've tried Glad till rep 2 and High till rep 4 but nop. Then i discover Kensei, which is still my main and is now rep 20 :)

Season 4 : I tried Aramusha (rep 1) but really didn't like it, while i fall in love with Shaman which is now rep 12 and i also play a lot Valkyrie which i discover very late but love since the first Game and rep up till 12 as well ^^

Season 5 : This was the season i've played many char, i've rep up Zerk till 8 but don't really like, just fun to play sometimes - Also Rep up PK till 9 but, same as Zerk.

Season 6 : I've tried new Roch till rep 3 but i feel too much it is all about lights spam and i don't like. And get 1 rep more with my Cent. But now i'm only playing Kensei, Sham and Valk.

Now i am waiting for the Valk rework to main her again and gonna see for E3 char, i am very interested by the Shaolin ^^

PS: In the middle of all of that i've rep up till rep 1 LB - Raider - Warlord and till rep 2 Nobu but i don't like to play them.

So overall rep 96 now but played many char ! My 3 hightest hereos are then Kensei Rep 20 - Sham and Valk both rep 12

06-19-2018, 11:19 AM
Well, as most players here I have no main at all. I play on char I liked, and after season 4, I choose one-two chars I liked and never use before and play them until rep 8 or until I drop them.
But my first love was a Warden and still this guy is my character. 15 rep on him, almost every execution and all emotes I liked, ton of effects. If I want to buy something, I will buy it for Warden first.=)
Somehow I could stay calm on Warden whatever happend in the game. He is classical knight, have a sword and best fighting style in my opinion.

Well, I'm a huge fan of all Roman/Greece history and war history. When I saw Centurion in season 2 I know I should play on him. And, yes, he have enough weaknesses now, but still I enjoy playing him as hell. And I really hope in season 8 we will see some off-helmets modification, cause I hate this mask of him.=)

I play on Orochi until rep 9, love his style. I will play him again soon, I think.

My last two "mains" were Lawbringer and Shinobi. Lawbringer feels like Warhammer Fantasy character with his close to renaissance armor and halberd. And i'm a huge fan of Warhammer universe.

Playing on almost every char gave me somekind of balance. I understood, which characters are little stronger, who are little weaker. I know now, that some chars are easier to perform, and some are very not. Sure, you could say it's annoying to fight with Shinobi, but if you will try him, you'll never be disrespectful to Shinobis. Execution order is a hell for Shinobi mains.=)

I still hope Ubi will tone down grind for chars. I really think For Honor (as every fighting) should offer to play on every char for every player. All this guys are perfect made, great work of animators, artists, programmers etc. And I want see and try all of them.=)

06-19-2018, 12:20 PM
Loved PK in the beta, was my main until she got boring in S5. Now she is underpowered and pointless compared to all other assassins.

LOVE Valk but... well, you know. If she ever gets a rework and doesn't suck after she will be my main again.

Orochi is great, picked him up in S4, but I just can't call him my main. Same with Warden.

Played a lot of HL and Shaman, but now I'm bored by both of them. FH in general has become boring for me.

I have no main, and I dont expect to have one in October either.

06-19-2018, 01:10 PM
Warden is love. Warden is life.

I got her to rep 50 recently, now there's no point doing orders with her...I feel hollow inside.

Stylistically Warden will always be my favourite, she looks awesome, and that noble attitude is a very underappreciated trait. The gameplay has suffered since all the updates and DLC, but I still find her viable. No other hero has an ability that rewards you so completely for reading your opponent. 50/50? Mate, if it was 50/50, I'd lose half the time. I know exactly what I want, because I'm pretty sure I know what you want. Good example is character's with side dash, it's so rewarding to download their tendencies then punish them. Feint the bash then parry, I know they won't do that again, so next time they'll just dodge which will give me the soft cancel into guardbreak. And there's that little bit you can do to switch to top stance before you soft cancel, makes the top heavy come out instantly. Looks bada$$ when you get that top heavy on a wallsplat.

Her executions, for the most part, are a cut above the rest, insofar as my tastes. A Moment of Silence in particular is superb. I love using that one after r3ck1ng other Wardens. She's probably got the coolest decapitation too (Spinning decap), and has that little bit where she stares in their eyes before tumbling by to take their head. Sort of like Taking Out The Trash. Warden's make it personal with some of them.

Also, Jennifer Hale.

I have 10+ reps in a few other characters though. I suppose my "2nd main", there's a paradox for ya, would be Lawbringer. But I also play a bunch amount of Raider and Shugoki. Nobushi following a bit behind and then...nothing, really. Not consistently at least. I'd love to pick up Valkyrie but in her current state I may as well light parry my self. Hopefully her update makes it rain.

06-19-2018, 05:18 PM
Warden since open beta, my second would be cent and third is lb. Although now I pretty much play everyone just because I get bored using the same character for too long but I would still say my main would be warden.

06-19-2018, 06:08 PM
Orochi rep 30 since the Beta release of this game.. and trust me its not easy to play a Most critized Hero especially if its getting changed constantly , adapting all over again can make you feel frustrated.
he has been nerfed,weakened, ignored we Orochi mains suffered alot. with the new rework i dont really see a huuuge improvement , he is B tier now.

06-19-2018, 06:54 PM
Warlord since beta. He still has the most complete kit that doesn't rely on gimmicks in my opinion. I honestly don't think he needs a complete rework and I'm terrified when they do. A simple numbers pass and maybe a few QOL changes would be nice but the warlord is easily my favorite.

Imagine the warlord's reaction to a teleporting kung fu monk. That's how I feel about the new faction. They can dance around all they want, leave the serious fighting to serious heroes.

06-19-2018, 10:52 PM
started off as orochi cause I played em in open beta then I went to shinobi then i went to nobushi then I went to shaman then glad then back to nobushi now i'm attempting to get back into shinobi but I might stick with nobushi

06-19-2018, 11:33 PM
Came into the game at the start of S3, knowing essentially nothing about it. A youtuber I watch was playing a free weekend and I fell in love with the game instantly and Lawbringer in particular.

So Lawbro was my original character who I played almost exclusively for the 1st month. I only really played Elimination and had no clue about gear stats or Rep or anything like that. So it was a real Baptism of Fire, running into endless series of levelled up Orochis and Centurions who visited complete destruction on me. Yet I was able to hang in there and eke out enough wins to preserve my dignity and i began to realize this was a game I could play, that I wasn't just wasting my time.

Needing a 2nd character for Adaptable Hero orders, I picked Raider as my B character. His classic Viking Warrior look and heavy damage dealing compared to Lawbro's laughable damage made him a satisfying character to turn to now and then. He's also much simpler to learn than Lawbro.

Lastly, I decided I needed a Samurai, but as Lawbro I found that the Samurais gave me the most trouble. So I was nursing a deep grudge against Orochi, Nobushi and Shinobi. I settled on Shugoki, but for the 1st couple of matches I found him almost impossible to use. Fortunately I had one of those magic games where you suddenly shout 'I get it now, I know how to play him!' early on and that cemented him as my final Main for S3.

These days I use most of the characters. My current reps are
Warden - 10
Conq - 7
Lawbro - 10
Centurion - 5
Gladiator - 6
Raider - 8
Warlord - 4
Valk - 6
Highlander - 8
Kensei - 6
Shugoki - 8
Orochi - 4

So i don't really have Mains anymore.