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06-08-2018, 10:22 AM
Howdy riders,

I hope y’all are having tons of fun so far. This season is a bit more challenging for all you devoted grinders. The formula is:

If you win - you lose.
If you lose - you lose.
If you don’t understand the special rules (subject to alterations) - you lose.

In any case, keep spending tickets and gems on the special events to increase your chances (hehe) to win.
Oh, and please remember that compensation isn’t a part of Ubisoft‘s policy. In fact, all is good - so why would you ask for compensation anyway?

If you have any questions and such, don’t forget to pm each other! I’ll see ya in a few weeks.

Keep havin a blast y’all!


06-08-2018, 04:52 PM
You're a funnier version of moderator, he he he!

06-15-2018, 12:07 AM
Well i know a fix for this update.
Add a new mod starting with captain stealy instead of wheely
But yeah nice job btw, im sire a lil bit of humer and irony with in?
Ps dont ban me if you get ze modz