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06-06-2018, 05:05 AM
I dance on the world dance floor avidly, and I love the experience. I would like to offer a few suggestions for tournaments.

Firstly, it would be nice if the Classic tournaments could adhere to some sort of schedule. For example, maybe once an hour at the beginning of the hour (except maybe if there are times during the day when there might not be enough participants to warrant a Classic).

If players knew when the tournaments were starting, it may help in a few ways. For one, some players feel frustrated when they join the world dance floor and a tournament is already in progress. I don't like to join a tournament when I've already missed out on the beginning.

Then there are players who are lurking around, checking into the dance floor every few minutes to see if a tournament is about to begin. There are other players who are hoping to avoid tournaments. Both groups would benefit by having some idea of when the tournaments are likely to begin.

The Weekly tournament adheres to a fixed schedule. Happy Hours adhere to a schedule. Online World Cup Qualifications run on a schedule. So it seems that Classics could also adhere to some sort of schedule, if desired.

My second suggestion is for future versions of Just Dance. I suggest separating tournaments from the World Dance Floor for a few reasons. The World Dance Floor could still have song votes, boss battles, and team battles, with live scoring as usual. This is a good fit for the casual dancer, plus dancers who just want to dance together, see each others scores, but not get too competitive could enjoy that relaxed setting.

Sometimes, players just dancing casually feel like they are doing quite well, then a tournament starts, and a few phenomenal players come out of nowhere, finish in the top three for each song of a tournament, and then leave. If you separate the tournament experience from the World Dance Floor experience, this would help with that. However, I have better reasons for creating this separation.

I suggest having the tournaments not only in their own section of Just Dance (separate from the WDF) in the future, but also consider not making tournaments try to show live scores. Rather, I would like to see the leaderboard after each song say, "Best Scores So Far."

Imagine the following scenarios, which happen on the World Dance Floor during tournaments (or World Cup Qualifications):
* A couple of songs into the tournament, you get disconnected. Ordinarily, that would ruin your tournament experience.
* Halfway through the tournament, you urgently need to use the restroom. Presently, there isn't enough time.
* Another person in your house distracts you during your dance. Or just walks by and the Kinect sensor gets the two of you mixed up (this has happened to me).

Imagine that instead of dancing live, you have a fixed window of time to complete the dances. For example, suppose that a Classic runs every hour of the day. From the beginning of the hour thru the end of the hour, you could dance to the Classic as often as you want, even pause it between songs. Imagine that if you got disconnected, you could resume the Classic from where you left off. At the end of each song, it would show you the best scores so far. When the time is up and all scores are in, these could show up on a final leaderboard. Perhaps the main tournament screen would show the three most recent Classic leaderboards and the most recent Weekly leaderboard (not just the winning score, but perhaps the first page with the top 8 scores), toggling between them (or perhpas there could just be a way to access recent leaderboards from the game).

If there are currently any issues with internet lags or connectivity issues impacting scoring, this would resolve such issues. Another issue that would be resolved is that you wouldn't have to take a screen capture during the game to record your score: You could wait until later to capture it. Presently, if I try to capture the leaderboard on Xbox, I get disconnected from the WDF when I do it.

Alternatively, you could keep the WDF much as it is, but add a Daily Tournament feature similar to what I've described in addition to and separate from the WDF.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. Maybe it wouldn't pan out, or maybe it creates other problems that I haven't considered, but I wanted to share it. (I would be super excited to see something like this in the future, and realize that the great minds at Ubisoft may have already thought of ideas similar to this before I ever shared it.)

06-10-2018, 07:40 PM
Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback with us, greekphysics! We'll make sure to pass this along. :)