View Full Version : Tracks and Physics of For Honor :/

05-29-2018, 06:49 PM
Any Tracks in this game have to be Removed
Every Hero should have at least 1 skill to chase down a fleeing enemy . causing walk speed slow effect/ Or dodge range decrease.. Oos is now a tool for Spamm lords to make this game Cancerous.
since the back dodge recovery nerf most of the heroes cant spamm backdodge which is ok, but Recovery rate on Gb and Guard has also been decreased ! which is an absurd.
Conq benefits the best of OOS Enemies and its anoying a.f.

1. Gb Track of range Weapon Wielders as well as Gb Track of Close combat Weapon wielders The gab between Heroes should be Accurate. sick and Tired getting Gbroken From HUGE DISTANCES. Seriosly guys where are your sense for Physics ? Dont you understand ? People get mad because this game is a mix between realistic and fantasy.. when we fight we expect to win which is the most Realistic instinct of a human.. but if you loose just because your Opponent did the Gb teleportation technik like Gokus teleportation skill , you Get mad naturally.

2. Remove Light Attack Tracks !
3. Side Heavies ( Cleave aoe effect) shouldnt be Dodgeable ( Unblockables discluded) ! Berserker Orochi Pk Shaman Dodge Attacks are a Joke. I dont have to talk About kensei's superior Dodge heavy its the biggest joke of all time.
Nobushi and Valk have the most balanced Dodge attack in this Regard.

4. Remove Bash Type Attacks Tracks ! , unless its charged like . Wardens charged shoulderbash. It should have a remotable direction. ( So he can predict where the enemy will dodge)
5. Remove Zone Tracks Especially Pk Warden Kensei Berserker
6. Charged Attacks should also be direction remotable to predict where the enemy will dodge.

Please Bring some Realism and Sensivity in the game ! sick of Bullshido martial Arts.