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05-17-2018, 10:07 PM
These minions have seen many battles, and survived all of them. They are experienced enough to be indipendant in battle. With their skill and new-found will to fight. They will aid their heroes to battle.

- - - - - - - -

Special Minions are minions that look different, and are generally more useful than a normal minion. Even more useful than a captain. Able to do things that either AI could do. Differentiating them from the usual bunch.
You also have to remember these will be rarer than minions. Like 1 will spawn every 2 waves.
Whenever you kill these minions you 3 points per kill.

In order to tell a special minion from a regular minion, they have to look different than their counter-parts.
First off, they will be taller than the minions, but shorter than the heroes (As tall as Orochi basically). Making a middle ground. Making them distinguished.
Second, they were armor that also is unique to them. They also have a unique weapon for each faction.

Longer-Katana (not as long as Nodachi)

Dual Swords

Round shield and Axe

Their Abilities:

Here is what makes them special. I will form a list on what they can do. Maybe with some images.

-They will either zoin Zone B or go to other zones from spawn.

-They can save you from a fallen state. Either with blocking the enemy's attacks or sacraficing themselves

-They can still die from one hit. But their kill animation is notocably longer than your normal minions. In the animation they will rarley run and usually fight back.

-They will throw attacks at you. They will cause as much damage as a Warden's light

-They can dodge.

-They can revive you, although being a bit slow.

-They will defend or attack zones. This will allow them to be contested.


I think it was an overall good idea. What do you think?

This was originally posted on the For Honor Amino, then with the praise that it got I moved it here to see how people here would react to this suggestion.

People said:
As a side not any misspelling is from what the people actually said.

"Great f***ing idea i love it" - zodak mozzila( High Rep Shinobi)

"Cool and unique idea!" - Destroyer88

"Yes" - Yokuno Tamahashi

"I think this would be awesome" - Stark

"Wholesome and creative" - Conq O' Copter

"I like it" - Sir Cedric Collins

"It's a really unique idea that could work. Extra points should be awarded for killing them and maybe even a special animation if you get killed by them."

Those were all the comments that praised this (I didn't add all because every comment so far is a praise). So I suggest that Ubi should really take this idea into consideration, and it would be awesome to see these special minions in game.

05-18-2018, 09:46 PM
Come to thinl of it, why was the axe and shield removed from the Vikings?