View Full Version : How to balance shaman by balancing her bite.

05-04-2018, 12:36 AM
How to balance shaman by balancing her bite.

There are two ways for this to work and I bet doing either one will balance her bite which is her one move that just frustrates and annoys most players.

Both solutions are build of the idea of making the bite into a parryible top attack. Itís still will be unblockable and heal. Itís just now can be parried and have different effects from being parried. See below.

The first is that the bite now counts as a light top attack and so when itís parried you get a heavy punish. This way if a shaman is only trying to bite you, you can punish and eventually execute her.

The second is to make it into a parryable top attack but when you parry it it acts like Shinobis ranged attack in that it knocks her down as the result. She should be down long enough for you to atleast get a side heavy in but this way the punish dosenít include a guaranteed execution.