View Full Version : Left-handed player support?

05-02-2018, 12:51 PM
I'm really enjoying playing Just Dance games (currently Just Dance 2018 on PS4) locally with friends, and really appreciate the flexibility of using the smartphone as a controller :o

However, every time I throw a dance party, my left-handed friends feel excluded - since the game makes you hold the phone in the right hand, which is not their dominant hand, they always struggle. Using non-dominant hand means worse control and diminished stamina - both a big issue for dance parties! I've also witnessed their scores become several times higher for songs which were left-right symmetric. So yeah, the absence of left-handed mode is definitely an issue :(

So I guess I was wondering whether there is any plan to support the 10%+ of players that are left-handed with a special mode in the future?

05-03-2018, 10:41 PM
What I love about dancing with Xbox with the Kinect sensor is that it involves hands-free, full-body scoring (your legs, both arms, and other parts of your body are all very important for the scoring). I wish the other platforms, like Wii, Switch, and PS, offered something similar. Well, there is a PS camera, which I haven't used yet. Unfortunately, it seems like Xbox is discontinuing the Kinect sensor, so I hope that even Xbox has something like it in the future. Since many phones, computers, and even consoles (except for Switch) include a camera, it would be nice if Ubisoft could find a way to offer hands-free full-body dancing to most of the platforms.

When I switched from Wii U to Xbox in 2017, I noticed that some songs had a different number of scored moves. For example, Bonbon has some left-handed moves with Kinect, whereas only the right-handed moves are scored in Wii U or with a phone. Xbox is even able to score moves where the arms don't move (but where the legs or other parts of the body do). The legs are important to dancing, as is the full-body choreography. Holding a remote or phone, it must be somewhat limited in trying to judge the full-body dance.

I believe that Switch has a few exclusive songs that are ambidextrous, using double rumble with two joy-cons. I actually have Switch, but haven't tried those dances out yet (since I strongly prefer Xbox Kinect), so I'm not 100% sure.

At least for single player mode, it seems like they could accommodate left-handed dancing with a remote or phone by making a mirror-image version of each dance available as a left-handed option. Any words on the screen would be backwards (unless the programmers could accommodate that), and it would be a problem with multi-player mode (well, they could show it both ways on two sides of the screen at once, or maybe groups could alternate between LH and RH modes to make it fair).