View Full Version : You need to actually bring players back Ubisoft.

04-28-2018, 08:53 AM
Trying out the new latency implemented on PC today, it was ok. Itís getting there but it doesnít help against players that have high ping. Playing with players that had the same ping as me (average 50ms) was ok. As soon as a player with a ping of 130ms came around the game had huge lag spikes where seconds of animation in the fight was lost leaving me only hoping for the best when things caught up. This is something that is never going to get fixed because the player base is just so small. Today I would consider it a good day for this game and it thatís not saying much. Instead of creating new skins, effects, ornaments, emotes or making events while for honor is still as broken as it is. Maybe listen to the people on the forums and fix the issues that players are complaining about. Players that walked away from this game still come back to the same problem that made them leave in the first place. Problems like unbalanced characters. The dlc character that break for honor mechanics. Things that are broken in this game that get exploited, like still getting hit while in animation just for example. The console version poorly optimized when running at 30fps compared tohow the game runs on PC at 60fps. the ungodly grind for exp and steel in this game. The lack of game modes that are permanently available. The lack of activity in other game modes leaving players left with tribute and dominion adding in the grinding in for honor those game modes can get boring really quick. Yeah the free weekends and extra xp are all fine and great but you get that burst of players as soon as itís over the community goes right back to the same people that play. You need to start adding in fresh new content, game modes that are permanent, higher ranked gear, fix the problems with balancing between characters, and toning down the grind for steel and levels. With all the characters released and with little to how much new content there is, your not going to bring player back for long. Without players to fill those dedicated servers your you canít realistically implement proper lag compensation with the numbers you have when you have players that in any given match can range in ping from 30ms-130ms. Iím sure there are numbers lower and high then that, but having that great of a difference can cause lag that no compensation can ever fix. Just my thoughts on it. Iím sure there are tones of other reason for players to leave but for the most part the game now gets boring really quick and really frustrating with how things are.