View Full Version : Boosting Services Ruining Rainbow Six - You allow hackers to make money off your game

04-08-2018, 11:52 PM

I would like to bring to your attention something that just put such a sour taste in my mouth. I was playing a ranked game and ran into a player named LivingCancer27. This play was 150% wall hacking with a possible aimbot. He was ADVERTISING a websiste called https://quickboosting.me/. So I go onto the site to see what it is, and turns out it is a pay per win, pay per rank boosting services. You are allowing people to make MONEY off cheating, by allowing players to guarantee wins in this game via cheating.

This is a disgrace and should be dealt with. I understand you try your best to limit hackers through BattleEye, but to allow someone / a group of people to be able to get away with it enough to start up a business? That is ridiculous.

They on their website advertise a discord channel as well, with a whole list of their clients who have paid for this service and have SUPPORTED cheating.

I would like some honest feedback on this, and what could be done.

04-08-2018, 11:57 PM
here is a screen grab of the conversation I had with an admin from this service.. where the admit to cheating., https://imgur.com/a/VnhQi

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04-09-2018, 12:12 PM
I wonder if you could report them and get their PayPal's banned for engaging in illicit activity. I've been perma banned from PayPal because of reselling Xbox Live keys so its possible to be blacklisted by them.