View Full Version : I don't know how to get the fAllen ghost guns

03-28-2018, 03:41 AM
I do not have the dlc how ever my copy of the game says that they can be found and I have ran into others who have thing no icon new in those areas had game complete for a while serched whole area of the map and had no new Im formation and not just there but my friend has the gold edition and it says something similar for the wepons such as the 357. Joker and the luger and ect.

03-29-2018, 09:09 PM
You can go to the Store and BUY the Fallen Ghosts weapons. You can NOT obtain FROM the campaign. Some of the location descriptions are incorrect as they were copied/pasted from the 'regular' campaign versions of the Fallen Ghosts weapons that are miss leading. If you buy the Fallen Ghosts DLC, you need to do 1 mission so the weapons than will unlock for the campaign.