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07-07-2011, 03:55 AM
Who is the Dude?
- The Dude is your philosopher, friend and guide as you journey through Megaband's world. He'll give you friendly advice, show you the way, and sometimes just entertain you.

What happens to my band if I remove a friend from Facebook, who is also my band member?
- The band member will automatically get fired, and the clothes will go into storage.

Where did my Guest Artist disappear?
- Guest Artists expire in 48 hours. The timer is shown above the Guest Artist icon in the bottom HUD. You should hire another one if you want some more Mega Rock Out.

Where's the Blind Guitarist?
- The Blind Guitarist appears everyday. If you can't find him, wait till tomorrow! And make sure you look hard for him. He keeps popping up at different places around the city.

What's a Rock Out Bar?
- The Rock Out Bar is the Bar on the right of the screen. You have to fill it up by playing the mini-games during your rehearsal. The more you fill it up, the more bonus XP and Bandcash you earn when you Rock Out at a gig.

What's Mega Rock Out?
- You get Mega Rock Out on purchasing a Guest Artist. Your Rock Out Bar is overfilled constantly and you don't need fill it up for each gig. But hurry, as Guest Artists leave after a while.

How do I increase my Attack?
- The instruments you own add to your attack, so simply go shopping in the instrument shop and buy more instruments to increase your attack. It doesn't matter if you assign them, leave them on your pad, or store them. Some pad customization items add to you attack as well.

How do I increase my Defense?
- The clothes you own add to your defense, so simply go shopping in the clothes shop and buy more clothes to increase your attack. It doesn't matter if you're wearing them, or if they are in storage. Some pad customization items add to you defense as well.

How do I increase my Health?
- Your health is determined by the number of neighbors you have. Each neighbor you have gives you +20 health, and the Dude give you +100 health. To increase your health, simply invite all your friends on facebook to become your neighbors! You can also buy health upgrades with Megacredits directly to get an instant boost.

How do I get my Stamina back?
- You stamina refills by 1 every 10 minutes, so all you have to do is wait. If you need it NOW, then you can always click on the ADD ****on and buy an instant refill with Megacredits. You're stamina bar also refills completely whenever you level up.

How do I increase my Total Stamina Pool?
- You Total Stamina Pool increases when you purchase pad expansions. The first two pad expansions increase your stamina pool by +1, and the last one increases it by +2.

Where did all the quests go?
- Megaband currently has only 14 Quests, so you probably completed all of them. We've got more quests being developed, and coming soon to a web browser near you!

Why should I visit my neighbors?
- Your neighbors are invaded daily by strange creatures like Punk Penguins and Dixie Ducks. It's up to you to save them from such scum everyday. Plus you get rewards with XP and Bandcash for helping them! And remember to check The Dude's pad to see a showcase of the latest and hottest items that are present in Megaband.

What can I do in the city outside my pad?
- There are a lot of ways of earning XP from the city. You can click on the blind guitarist daily to gain XP. You can also clear the trash cans littered around the city. Finally, the trickiest of them all, you can click on the cars that zoom down the road, if you're fast enough, and earn some bonus XP.