View Full Version : Please change the direction already...

03-25-2018, 03:36 PM
You should really drop the worthless content generation for a while and work on the things that matter for the game. It will make people far more happy than some stupid skin.


Dominion is just a gank fest now and no Revenge can help you escape once they lock into you. They bunch on you and start spamming. Make that punishable - increase friendly fire to 100% if you must, but this stupid **** must be stopped.
Your philosophy on Revenge is not working. You said it's used to give you enough time until a teammate comes to help out or you escape. But most of the time the death squad just stomps through him as well.
The Sentinel dominion - this map is a camp, most boring and stale map in the game. Can the points be shifted around to encourage more dynamic play? The Tower Ruin tribute rework turned out to be great. Something like this should happen for the Sentinel dominion.
Forge - how long until the obnoxious steam sound be fixed? It's hardly something elaborate that needs a game rewrite, or is it? Yeah, it's realistic i guess, but from game design point of view is pure ********. I avoid this map like cancer and when i'm force to play it, i always without sound. Fix this ******** already. Fix it, just fix it. Or tell us where is the ****ing file so we can delete it ourselves. But do something about this.
It's months now since the bug that prevents closing the game. Months. WTF?
Assassins everywhere. Even i have to play an assassin even though i don't want to.

Again, please redirect all effort in the things that matter. Nobody can unlock some ****ty skin if they avoid launching the game because of its toxic state. Nobody gives a F about the faction thing. Game's only selling point is the fighting system. Beyond that there is nothing else.