View Full Version : Farcry 5 Ai Update Recommendations

03-09-2018, 11:54 PM
So we all know the Ai is more Adjustable this time round in the editor.
So I've made a post so people can see these ideas and hopefully ubisoft may take note and mention their own ideas below!

I was hoping if we could change the Ai speech pattern in a way for example

Default - Eden cultist.
Which I heard from the bounty hunt gameplay since the only difference is that they are dressed like militia.

Black flag pirate or navy

Watchdogs which could be security or gang dialog

Unity can be a revolutionist or royalty.

Farcry 3 might be pirates and,mercenary. even vas

blooddragon omega force voices

primal cannabals sorry I forgot their names

Farcry 4 pagan min and his soldiers. and Shangrila demons

The premise of this is so we don't hear every npc as an amreican or radical cultist but to add more immersion with custom made levels.
I hope this gets noticed in a positive light.

03-10-2018, 03:51 PM
I always wondered whether 'lacking' this is actually a conscious design decision.

Each enemy (in FC4 at least) can be recognized from a number of factors; their voice, their posture, their model, etc. Even if you see a berserker with his back turned towards you, you'll instantly know the threat level he poses (shotgun). Same thing, if you even hear a heavy machinegunner shouting you know you should be extra careful not to get riddled full of holes. :P

What if we'd take your suggestion further, and have the AI actually dynamically change even their looks and arsenal? Imagine a berserker coming at you with a heavy MG instead. Or a flamethrower.


Enemies could also have randomized health values. And loadouts. Or they could be made to swap their loadout for whatever weapon they find on the ground. But this all does make the game "unpredictable" and harder.