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03-09-2018, 01:40 AM
So from what I'm reading, the players who are randomly chosen to select the next map pool are presented with different options to choose from including featured/database/etc.

Well what if instead of presenting those options to them, they are FIRST presented with the maps created by the players already in their lobby. This way players don't have to go out of their way to promote their maps, nor do players have to go out of their way to find good maps. Thoughts?

03-09-2018, 03:23 AM
That'd be a big step up from what we already have. Screw the overall top content. "feature" maps from those in the lobby.

03-09-2018, 01:11 PM
Ha, I came to something similar. But while you're suggesting showing the maps created by the players, I'm suggesting the maps favorited by the players (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1848135-MP-is-weird-and-not-very-appealing?p=13360071&viewfull=1#post13360071). :)

03-09-2018, 01:53 PM
Also currently no custom match options for match duration, number of kills to win,
If the map is terrible no skip map vote? If not then people just leave if they dont like it.

You can place a kill count to win in your custom map it would be locked at that on publishing unless you decided to re-edit at a later date.
This is in Modifiers as Score Toe Reach so whoever gets to that number first in Team or Solo the map then ends.

There is also a Countdown so you can make the map time different from default - this would lock into your map when published so good for maps that require a timer anywhere from 0 to whatever the longest default map time is at launch.

Skip map would be the worst thing ever, if you select a map and then someone votes to play it then skip map happens how would you feel then ?
The way forward with the system we have is Private Room 12 friends communicate and you can play whatever maps you want and stay in the game as long as you want - if someone says hey guys I would like to play or try this map is that such a bad thing these guys you invite in Private are supposed to be friends so if someone said to me ok lets all vote and only play my maps I don't see that going down well after say 3 or 4 maps.

Its about sharing - sure we would like the FC2 system that's now 10 years old and Ubisoft have not done that kind since so could be a pipe dream nowadays - it is what it is so we do what we have to in making the best use of it.

Maybe some tweaks can be added that's down to the devs - I will be enjoying maps with friends online and am confident it can work for me also if I am free I don't mind jumping in games with others and would select maps for them if they wanted - working together is the way to get the best out of the system we have.

03-09-2018, 02:29 PM
I will still play online MP but my maps will probably never see the light of day due to this lobby system.
Sure they will - unsure why you would even say that been honest.
Sab I remember back in FC2 I joined some of your games along with Jumodu, seen Truesurv1val and many others in matches - there were people who would always join so you will have no problems at all getting 2 rooms of 6 and going into a private game, you make good playable maps so it's just a matter of communicating.

Imagine 12 people who all make good maps even if they don't communicate you know whatever they pick is going to be good and whatever you vote on is going to be good so that means the playing experience will be good also.

Now if one of these people says guys any chance you could pick one of mine - why would anyone not do that, of course we would help out so it might not be as bad as you think.
If you want to play 2 of your maps back to back why not I would pick one for you so sure others would, we can make this work.

Something new and change is often horrible and difficult I struggle a lot with change but we have to adapt on this or we don't get the best out of the system offered.
So having people who don't know much about maps or who made what / don't know map names they just want to play I am sure people can find others who would make up numbers and help in selecting maps you want to play.

Some of us on social media. on websites etc can even pre-plan some play sessions and get names in advance and even say lets play these maps and everyone add them to favorites so they are easy to find - I work shifts so will be on at different times, I see it working for me so it can work for you also.

03-09-2018, 03:32 PM
I will still play online MP but my maps will probably never see the light of day due to this lobby system.

If you make a good map I am sure many people will want to play it. Think in possibilities instead of problems. Some can only nag, nag, nag... Do you hear any people who will make SP and COOP maps complain there will be too much competition from other SP and COOP maps so the chances are lower people will pick their map to play? Have an open mind and don't keep thinking only your own made maps are good enough to play. In multiplayer you all get your chance to vote what map will be played. And if you don't like it when other players can also vote then maybe you should not play MP maps with others. And if you do only want to play your own maps or maps that are "in your eyes" good enough to play with the people you want to play you can create a private lobby.

03-09-2018, 03:54 PM
I will play with any of you guys but what I don't want is people spamming me with invites all the time so for me I will just put a post up or go on social media or a chat box and say anyone playing, invite me or lets start a room.

I don't care what the maps are, and depending what mood I am in I might even select a friends map or one by someone I might not know yet like their map so if you guys are available and we don't have a game lets do it - That's the attitude to have.

And if you don't take me down I will slay you where you stand :p

03-09-2018, 03:58 PM
To be honest, I wouldn't be that upset (though obviously not happy) if it was just dm or tdm maps that I created and took hours to be voted in. The problem I have is I like making escape maps for 12 ppl (not 2) that require no time limit, like in FC2, the LAST Far Cry I have even played that did this right. It seems unlikely that this is possible the way that everything is set up. But I hope something is added, or maybe a "time extension" vote can be used in game. It is sad that what seems like the best map editor to date still can't be used for this purpose. I hope, somehow, I am proven wrong.

03-09-2018, 04:02 PM
Doubt I have 11 friends to pile in a private lobby. Be lucky if I have1 friend that's a non-mapper that maybe buys this. Rest will all be mappers gunning for their own maps to be voted on. Yeah after a few hours or more everyone will get a map picked. But were talking hours or more. Still the pick 3 could be hugely lopsided as well. Some people maybe lucky and picked back to back pick 3's. Where others maybe picked once in a two hour span and lose in voting so that map not picked.

Also playing with friends will only go so far. Ya almost have to make a ton of new friends for this game. But once us mappers bail to make maps and stop playing multiplayer non-mappers will flock to other games to play and these lobbies die quick for randoms. Then it will get old fast. FARCRY3 was dead first week. Then it was mainly mappers in private lobbies which maybe lasted a month before we moved onto other games.

Still hope UBISOFT backs down and patches the private lobbies of the host picks 3 maps then room votes and plays. Rinse and repeat. Or even make it public.

Well like I said, if you make a good map (that counts for everybody) then it is more likely that people will want to play it. (besides yourself) and nothing wrong with trying to make new friends among mappers and non-mappers. The game will be bought by millions of people so a lot of chance some might want to play with you. But if indeed you want to limit yourself so much from the start then maybe you should ask yourself who is really putting the limit on you or the times your map will be played?

03-09-2018, 05:21 PM
Well my suggestion was to try and meet the devs and the lobby complaints on 'middle ground', clearly there's no compromise for some. Oh well, was just an idea. I'm just gonna focus on designing great maps; if they flourish great, if they don't then they weren't good enough.

EDIT: I think a lot of us map makers take it personally if our map isn't received well, but in reality maybe the map just isn't that good. Looking back on my map that got 3rd place on an FCIP contest, I don't think I should've won that award. The layout was bad and it could've been made MUCH better. Maybe this new system will allow maps that are actually well designed to rise to the top? I just think it's important to be open minded and objective.

03-09-2018, 05:28 PM
if they flourish great, if they don't then they weren't good enough.

This is incorrect. Spectacular maps can and will be ignored under this system. The maps that will get noticed will of course be great but also be either extremely lucky and/or come from someone with a lot of friends/followers.