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03-08-2018, 10:57 AM
I really miss the way For Honor use to be back in the beta days. For some reason the beta was sooo much fun it was one of the greatest times gaming. For some reason when the actual game came out the tweaks that were made changed its original playstyle. Also the addition of gear score wasn't a good idea either because more often then not new tier players will fight 10 rep max levels and get decimated even if they are skilled. Take a note of one of your more successful games UBISOFT. Rainbow Six Siege is a big hit and still is a big hit. You know why? Because all the characters have the same stats and there isnt some kind of system that make one character better then another. Of course there is the armor and speed element but its balanced well. Its not like you are a low tier warden against a high tier highlander and get decimated in less then 2 hits.

In all instances I truly believe the new characters have ruined the game. It was great and dandy with just the original 9 characters with their proper abilities. No one was op necessarily and it was a good time. However once the centurion came out all hell broke loose with him. He killed a lot of players out of the game considering he doesnt have to do much but land one guard break that puts you into a infinite combo nearly sacrificing 60% of your health in seconds. It's not fun anymore and now we have heroes who have unblockables with ease like its killing the game. People like to be able to fairly play but the more these heroes come out with hyper armor, unblockables, attacks that allow you to heal it only makes you say whats the point. If you're not playing these characters you might as well put your controller down because you're going to lose 90% of the time even if they are a basic noob. You have to be a decent player to even be able to handle these guys. Im sure Ubisoft is sick of hearing the complaints like nerf him and buff her etc. It's hard to find the right balance that would keep everyone happy. However the good news is now that there arent any more characters coming out you guys can finally tweak characters who need it. A lot of people complain as well between systems of pc and console. Examples are peacekeeper probably isnt hard on pc but on console those light spams are hard for anyone to get out of or even try to fight. So people on console will say she needs to be nerfed as the people on pc say she isnt bad and that those console players just suck. It's hard to find that balance between both systems of operation but I do hope they find it because I really enjoy this game. I am a console player and I feel there are really only a few things about these characters that make them OP.

Warden- He's rather balanced to me his shoulder bash can give u a bit of trouble but if you dodge it the reward is good.
Raider- He's also pretty balanced and I dont find anything about him necessarily OP. However he is cancerous to fight in 4v4 modes where he can spam his unblockable zone.
Kensei- His buff definetly helped him and on console also difficult to fight especially when he can easily dash out of every attack you throw and hit you with a heavy.
Conq- I dont find conq that op just when he traps you in a infinite spam of lights that you can neither block or dodge is when he becomes hard but its not op so ill say he's balanced.
Warlord- Yeah well he has his health that helps him and his long distance throw thats good for ledges but other then that eh
Shugoki- Also super cancerous to fight in 4v4. He has tons of health and hyper armor to kick it off. 90% will use light into headbutt good luck getting past it and in 4v4 modes expect to have your back broken everytime whilst everyone swings at you. I think it would be better if he does the backsnap that the other players couldnt hit him until he was off of his back.
Peacekeeper- Light spams, Light spams, Light spams
Beserker- Just the Hyper Armor on some attacks
Orochi- Top light was really all he had going for him that and his zone. When fighting orochi everyone knew to block top light and zone and now that his top light barely does any damage he really has become quite a useless character.
Lawbringer- Balanced but definetly weak against other characters. Lawbringer is turtle gameplay parrying is all LB had to pull of his moves. Now that thats gone and parrying only gives a light well gg
Valkyrie- Also a light spammer but easier to manage. Her gb is easily punishable and I feel her dash back into shield stance miss should be too and she'd be balanced.
Nobushi- Shes pretty balanced no issues here
Centurion- OMG the most cancerous character in For Honor. The true reason I dont even want to play the game anymore. I know hes been nerfed but it doesnt changed the fact that he'll still wipe half your health with just one gb into a wall. Ubisoft I dont know how you can balance this character so hes not too weak but not as OP as he is. Notice how in many tournaments he's heavily used because of how op he is.
Highlander- His buff is just too much and also extremely cancerous in 4v4 game modes. I think hes balanced but does too much damage on certain attacks. If he lands his spin move into top heavy that you can block or dodge its wiped also nearly 60-70% of your health depending on his rep. He does too much damage just tweak his damage a bit and he'll be fine.
Shinobi- I feel shinobi's kick should be punishable thats it. If he misses he should be punished because he too can light spam and do a lot of things.
Gladiator- Some attacks should not be a given. The one attack where he wacks you in the face and gets a free heavy shouldnt be a thing because there almost no time to react to it and its to cheap. Also the constant pitchfork in the foot is annoying but I wont talk about that. Just fix the cheap shots he can still blind you and be able to switch what direction he swings but you should be able to block it.
Shaman- Ughh this ..... yeah I hate the fact of her lunge attack is simply to much. That attack will reach you from a mile away and its so fast. Some will say thats all she has going for her but you guys gave her the ability to bite bleeding opponents and get heath back thats more then enough.
Arumashu- Hes pretty balanced still a bit hard on console to fight but he really has a specific pattern so you just have to be ready for it. Thats all I have to say about him.

03-08-2018, 11:14 AM
While I agree with your post, I’d just like to point out you are wrong about Siege. It has its own balancing issues and operators who have been vastly superior to others. The guns are the best example. The damage and recoil off them are very diverse, and some are clearly better than others. Twitch’s FAMAS has long been considered to be one of the best guns in the game, but if you compare it to another attacking operator like Capitaos, you’ll see it still is superior. Another example is Ela, pre nerf. She was in almost every single Ranked game due to having 3 speed, small hit box and her gun was absolutely amazing, far superior to other operators on the defender. This made her OP, and unbalanced. Compare her to Tachanka now. Goes without saying that he’s just the living meme of siege because of how poor his gadget is in most situations, and the pick rate shows it. There are also gadget that are better than others, which does create balance issues. But in saying that, I do believe Siege is currently better balanced than FH is.

03-08-2018, 04:14 PM
im going to be honest the only thing I extremely miss about beta is the population size.....

Balances and such are w/e for me but balances were definitely some of the main issues for ppl leaving, trash servers being the 1st

03-08-2018, 08:44 PM
There have always been gripes, even with the early roster. Notably the Peacekeeper running amok and being overpowered.

What changed the dynamic was the inclusion of the Centurion....every other addition thereafter was just more of the same, ie not the 'old' For Honor. It does feel like two separate games shoehorned into one at times, but barring the dreaded Cent & Shaman Death Squads on Dominion, it's quite easy to adapt to these changes :cool:

03-09-2018, 02:37 AM
No gladiators, no shamans 😭