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03-05-2018, 10:23 PM
Seeing as there's been a lot of discussion recently about the aesthetics of For Honor - Especially concerning the difference between what we were initially shown in the first game trailers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFUymXnQ5z8) to what the game is, now, it got me thinking... Where do you (yes, you!) stand when it comes to gear style? I think most of the gear in For Honor can be divided into four categories: "Realistic", "Gritty", "Edgy" and "Fancy". A bit of a generalisation, sure. But for the purposes of a wide-ranging vote, I think it's fair to divide the current gear into these categories. But just to clarify, I'll provide some examples of what I mean using our good friend, the Warden (Images courtesy of For Fashion (https://forfashion.draghmar.pl/))

"Realistic" - Based more-or-less on "reality", taking its design from the real world, focused around practicality and efficiency. (Fendrel set):

"Gritty" - More "apocalyptic" in nature; rusty, battle-scarred and wartorn gear, lots of straps and piecemeal additions, like it was built from spare parts. (Horse Lord set):

"Edgy" - Spikes, blades, sharp edges and skulls, looks like something a fantasy villain would wear, or from the cover of a heavy-metal album. (Lord of the Manor set):

"Fancy" - Gold, embroidery and elegant engravings. Lots of gilded edges and gaudy designs, like something you'd imagine a lord or king would wear. (Executioner set):

Of the three, what's your favorite? AKA: What do you want to see more of? Recently, it seems like the developers have been adding nothing but "Fancy" gear, stuff covered in gold and finery, with the occasional "Edgy" piece in there. But all the "Gritty" and "Realistic" stuff seems to have been relegated to the lower-tier starting gear. Personally, I actually prefer the simple, realistic looking stuff a lot more, but that's just me... What do you want to see more of? Hopefully this poll will help the developers decide what kind of gear they should create in the future.

03-05-2018, 10:26 PM
I enjoy a lot of different styles, but my personal favorites are more of a mix. I like “fancy” stuff that looks a bit used. Like a lord that leads from the front lines.

03-05-2018, 10:27 PM
All of it, sorry. I know thats a cop out, but there are kinds of pieces I like in all four categories. Same with weapons as well.

I do with the variation would increase more outside of spikes though. I don't have a problem with them like some others, but we have those now. Time to make other stuff.

03-05-2018, 11:37 PM
FANCY, definitely! I want to look fabulous when I chop off heads, limbs and impale people.

03-05-2018, 11:42 PM
A mix of all except anything having to do with spikes.

03-05-2018, 11:45 PM
I just want them to stop putting spikes on Samurai.

03-05-2018, 11:53 PM
I really can't vote cuz I usually end up with 50/50 split realistic and fancy. Especially with my weapons. I want the hilt and guard to look glittery and elegant, but for whatever reason I hate gold and jewel-encrusted blades. I need to know I'm hitting people with dat hard iron ya know? So I'm usually wearing a fancy chest and arms, but the helmet looks like it was made specifically to stop a hit.

03-06-2018, 12:06 AM
I like my gear to look mostly utilitarian, realistic, and brutal. Hence why I'm still sporting the default sword and shield.

I LOATH most warlord gear, everything past the first tier is solid gold jewel encrusted gaudy pimp attire

I long for the day i can roam the battle field wearing a ring mail shirt and a simplistic steel helm with dents and deep cuts all about

03-06-2018, 01:17 AM
Simplisitc, like this

03-06-2018, 01:32 AM
a mix of em all

03-06-2018, 03:02 AM
I would like realistic gear but higher rep levels I want worn gear to show how many battles I've been in.

03-06-2018, 03:56 AM
I typically use Himura for my Kensei. It's the default set he has. (Legendary quality of course.) It's all redundant since Samurai wear wooden armor.

03-06-2018, 10:04 AM
Generally prefer realistic/gritty, would NEVER put anything fancy/gold on a Viking, but my Nobushi’s armor has some small fancy elements to it. Fitting since part of the inspiration for the Nobushi comes from how noble women would help protect castles in a siege. Her Naginata is specifically made to look purely functional however.

Gotta say I don’t mind spikes on Knights and Vikings, but don’t think they look right on most of the Samurai.

03-06-2018, 10:31 AM
Seeing a very even split of opinions here, but one thing seems pretty common: People dislike spikes.

I have to say, aside from very specific exceptions (like Shinobi) I generally hate spiked armour. In real history, there was plenty of fancy stuff, but spikes are incredibily impractical: They don't really serve to make your armour into a "weapon", for instance, nor do they add protection value. At best, they're unnecessary weight that might make you look a bit scary, but at worst, they can actually be detrimental to you.

Please, devs. Less spikes!