View Full Version : Thighlanders for xbox

02-28-2018, 07:55 PM
Hey guys, for anyone who mains or is proficient with the Highlander, we've created a group on xbox. The Thighlanders. We're a competitive and casual group of players who love to talk **** and have a good time. If ever there was a time you just wanted to rock the battlefield with a group of smart asses and show the enemy team the sharp end of your 12 foot "**** off" stick then this is the group for you.

Join before this weekend and you'll have a chance to see how you stack in our first, of many, club tournaments, where you can earn a rank along with some bragging rights.

Not very good at using the highlander? Ask any one of us and we'll be happy to help you out.

there's not obligations in our group, no weekly quotas or any other ********, this club is only ever voluntary.

I will note that jokes are all good and fun, we do have some guys with a pretty dark sense of humor. However, we don't associate our selves with any form of discrimination and any propaganda, whether it be political, religious, racial, sexist, etc. will not be allowed to be posted on our club wall. it will be removed and the player responsible for it will be removed from the club.

Roll with us and you're sure to have a good time. Don't be shy, embrace the thigh.

Contact myself, VougishGamer95, or RodricktheRude, for more details or if you'd like to join up.

See you on the battlefield.

p.s. this post has also been made on the "looking for group" section of the For Honor forums, but as it stands it looks like not many people venture that way so i thought i'd post it here too just in case. If this doesn't necessarily belong on the general discussion page, then i won't cringe if it's been removed. Thanks again :)