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02-26-2018, 07:47 PM
Orochi still obliterates me... I generally play assassins always have always will but even when I play other characters I play pretty offensively (Bad habit)

I just don't know how to block some of those attacks especially the forward dodge top I always try to dodge and I get hit no matter what dodge back dodge left dodge right... As an assassin I can't always block it the attacks are so fast I play xbox so 30 fps....

and Kensei as of now is hands down the most obnoxious character I've ever had to play against....EVER I hate it....

What do I do against highlanders that just spam Celtic half the time I can dodge away successfully but the other half it tracks me 10 feet and I get hit which then takes 30-40 hp off of me... 1/3 of my HP....

Any tips for any of these would be appreciated

02-26-2018, 11:08 PM
I really don't know what to tell you about Orochi, his game style revolves totally around mind games and fast attacks. 90% of the time the only attacks he uses are, double top lights, zone - which hit on your right side every time, and GB into top heavy. I don't really have advice besides those moves being what 90% of what the mixup will be. If he gets close use a fast light attack if you have it, but don't telegraph it.

I don't have enough experience against the new Kensei build to tell you good counters besides be patient with him, don't attack with a light when he's throwing heavies, dodge or parry them because he has hyper armor.

Highlander is someone I can help you with though, if you're patient and get the timing down to parry or at least block the first hit in Celtic curse, almost every time the next hit will come as a top heavy, just because its huge damage and its worth the risk of being parried as a Highlander for that top heavy damage.

If you learn to parry the first part of his Celtic curse, once you parry a player a few times he won't use it against you any more, never run or try to roll from one or you will get smashed with probably both hits, definitely the second.

Besides Celtic curse, his only decently fast opener he can use from defensive mode is a light attack, which isn't as fast as any assassin lights so you can dodge attack it, I know his second light has hyper armor but hardly anyone uses it because its always blocked or parried.

If he gets into offensive stance, he can't block or cgb so all you need to do is hit him and all he can do is dodge to avoid attacks. Just be careful of his new kick/toss mixup buff, if you try to back dodge out of it he will get you, wait until the last possible time until you dodge his kick.