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02-26-2018, 01:09 PM
It's a bold statement to make I know, especially coming from someone who rarely ventures from dueling. But I want to enjoy more than dueling. Sadly a lot of things need to happen before that will be possible. But today I hope to touch on 2 things that would massively make non dueling more appealing to me. That be making dominion a proper mode rather than TDM extreme. and making feats well. not annoying. But still powerful and useful. First lets handle dominion.

So what is wrong with dominion? Well it's a TDM mode under the guise of an objective mode. The goal is to reach a certain threshold in points. Once you've reached the threshold the enemy team is put on sudden death where if they die that's it. But if the team manages to retake enough points to leave sudden death then everyone comes back. That mechanic in itself is interesting and I wish to keep it. Right now ganking is a big issue in 4v4. Tribute some what alleviates this by having buffs that you need to hold in order to win. Forcing someone to attempt to steal the buffs or at least forcing someone to defend said buffs.

Well we can sort of apply this to Dominion. How? By introducing a thing called "point bleed" in where if you don't have someone actively defending a point you own you start to lose points. Next. kills no longer give points. Instead they take points away from the enemy team. So. Killing won't rocket you to victory anymore. However there are still 3 situations where kills will net you points. Killing someone while defending a point, killing someone on a streak, and clearing B of all minions. Now onto capturing points. Capping a point gives you a small amount of points. From there you gain a small amount of points every few seconds for holding the point. The number of points you get for capping/defending can be increased though. If you cap a point with an ally you get a few more points. and if you defend a point with an ally (both standing on in unchallenged and killing an attacker) you'll get an increase. defending the point uncontested with an ally will give an extra point per time you get a point. and killing someone to defend your point with an ally will give you a few extra points for that kill. It's worth noting that in any of these situations you will not get more points the more allies you have present. it's points either from a solo perspective or if an ally is present.

B works slightly different. in that holding it and capping it is worth more. Contesting a point will not begin ticket bleed for the defender. However. If the point is contested for too long it simply goes back to neutral. and the defender has a buffer of a short period of time where they can attempt to take it again before point bleed would kick in (providing that was the only point they had.) So stalling a point has some merrit. but it is a gamble. You should always try to clear your point as fast as possible. There is one more new thing i'd like to add. something called "point thresholds." these would be chunks of points where some things would be different. I haven't quite figured out all situations yet but the 2 examples I could give at the moment would be when things are massively tilted score wise. One team has a ton of points. The other has barely any. In this situation the team with the most points has the advantage of being close to winning. However. if the enemy team manages to pull execution kills at this time that persons respawn time is doubled. The other situation would be if the game is nearing climax. Where the buffer for point bleed is shorter. and the bleed of said points will speed up and you'll hemmorage points if you don't keep someone on your points. These are just rough ideas though.

Finally we get to the climax though. A team has reached the score they needed. This puts people into sudden death. The losing team has instead of one life 2. However if they're executed that's it. Capturing a point will bring someone who is either out of lives or been executed back. The only way you can exit sudden death is if you manage to wipe the enemy team. I realize this makes come backs harder. But this is why I added in the extra live thing. Now. If this happens and the enemy team is wiped they lose a set number of points. taking them out of the victory threshold and letting the losing team try to meet the winning point requirement and thus the situation happens again. The goal here is more or less not about trying to get as many points as possible. But rather getting to that final point threshold and managing to eliminate the whole enemy team. I realize this sounds a bit confusing so i'll sum up this point. TLDR: once you get the winning point number prevent the enemy team from capping any points for revives. once they are all perma dead you win.

Whew. that's a lot to take in. If anything is confusing or you got a scenario with my system in mind that might cause an issue please do ask. Now lets get into feats. It's widely regarded that some feats are too good. and some are not good enough. certain heros have too strong of a feat or feat combo. etc. So to simplify this we will do a few things. Firstly we will remove all feats that do direct damage in AOE form from the feat list. instead they will be map pickups. Next we will cut down on the redundant perks. we don't need 3 versions of catapult. the best feat of the 3 (in this case catapult) will be the primary feat in standard modes. All feats can and should still be an option to activate pick up wise in customs though. Third all feats are available to all heros. you can have up to 4 feats like now. and you can now select any within reason. See we will now have a "point system" in where certain feats cost more than others. Lastly you can't stack more than 2 of the same kind of feat. Meaning at most you can have 2 feats of say healing. or 2 debuff feats. etc. So there will be 3 catagories of feats. healing/team effects, buffs/debuffs, and damage/self based abilities.

However. there is one other kind of "feat" that will only activate under a certain condition. And it will be a faction feat. Meaning it's a set effect that will effect the whole team. The feat will only activate if there are 3 or more of the same faction on one team. I haven't decided if it will be active the moment the match starts or if other conditions need to be met to activate it. For vikings their buffs/debuffs last longer. They seem like a rowdy bunch that stick together so it makes since to me. Samurai being the sneaky and secret trained people they are I think they should have better recovery from dodges and attacks. And knights being "the dudes in armor" should be harder to throw and take a bit less damage. (harder to throw means you don't throw them as far.) Anyway. those bonuses are not set in stone. the idea really is just to have a thematic buff that doesn't make things super strong.

I would actually go over the list of feats but I can't seem to find one place that has them all listed. But my general idea with what to do with the feats is outlined above. The one last thing I want to mention about feats is that they're all usable from the start. You no longer have to earn points to activate them. This is super important to me because I strongly feel like feats snowball games. So that's that. Thanks for reading~

02-26-2018, 01:27 PM
The reknown system needs a revamp. It just makes the winning team a huge advantage to get access to feats earlier. Instead everyone should have an ultimate ability with a long cooldown and it should some kind Of banner or something like the kensai unblockable all Aoe feats should be removed.
Maybe also to lower tier feats like throwing axe and longbow with abit shorter cooldown.
4vs 4 ganks would be solved with larger maps. Some maps are to small like the share and the forge.