View Full Version : Gudmundr and His Napalm spam....

02-25-2018, 07:40 PM
Only im this unlucky or there are times when Gudmundr decide to start spaming his 100 to 0 fire bombs the entire match ?

it goes off so fast it barely even can be dodged..... especialy when he decides to throw it right after the opening attack... again and again and again...

so far i had 3 matches where Gund decided to just instantly kill his oponent every single time he got switched to fight someone els with the nade after the opening attack...and then gone and ganged on my teammates or me....

Also he don't have a CD on it it seems.....

its one thing that he has absurd amount of HP with Shield/absorb regen on top of it....and that he goes into revenge like 3 times before he dies.... but freaking hell Tone down his Nade spam.... thats just broken when he decides to do that the entire match...

02-25-2018, 08:12 PM
Wait, he has fire bombs? Why haven't I ever seen him use them?

02-25-2018, 08:16 PM
Orochi just needs stronger upper lights

02-25-2018, 09:27 PM
Wait, he has fire bombs? Why haven't I ever seen him use them?

its rare when he uses them... but when he decides to use them he starts spamming it like a mad man every single round the whole match and it can 100 to 0 almost any character that is not a Heavy... the nade also explodes super fast.... even when you see it coming and start dodgeing in that instant majority of the times still will hit you....

02-26-2018, 02:48 AM
Orochi just needs stronger upper lights
Okay, off-topic and you should change that image before you get a warning from the mods. A real life POW being executed is not something to joke around with man. Poor form.