View Full Version : What to hell happened with Parry?

01-29-2018, 02:45 PM
I was busy and stop the play For Honor. Now I'm back. The parry animation change, no problem. But the problem is now the time for parry not work. Many times I do the parry but not work. Sometimes against slow hero like a Shoguki. What the Devs did?

01-29-2018, 04:26 PM
There have been some changes in recent patches, but we'll be covering the full (upcoming) parry changes once we have the next wave of patch notes. This should be on an upcoming Warrior's Den livestream.

01-29-2018, 04:40 PM
it works as before for me.
One exception is maybe Aramusha, ive had problems parrying his zone unblockable but it seems to require the parry a split second early (at least for me).
Shaman jump attack i have never ever been able to parry by some reason too.

Tundra 793
01-29-2018, 04:43 PM
I honestly can't remember any major, direct parry changes having been implement that would affect your timings that much. It could be a combination of factors, like P2P system improvements, lag/not lag, the removal of time snap.
A lot of stuff combined might make your timings feel different than before.

Or you could be suffering from the Mengele effect.