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01-24-2018, 04:50 PM
Hello all. Brief intro here, skip below for update suggestions.

I bought the game and launch and really enjoyed it. However my gaming friends weren't all that into it and it didn't quite make the splash I had hoped it would so I fell off. A little over a month ago on a whim I decided to fire it up and got pretty hooked into it again. Despite all the bad press there is a great game here and if it weren't for some production hiccups it probably could have been huge, maybe it still can.

Upon returning I briefly practiced with the new characters to decide what to play. I (foolishly, tbh) didn't do much internet research on them as I didn't want to have a biased opinion of viability, balance, etc and just wanted to play something that I could enjoy and main. I decided to pick up the Cent man as it seemed like a character with great depth and mix up potential. Plus who wouldn't want to be a badass Roman legionnaire?

It would not be until several days later that, after watching tutorial videos and reaching rep 3 that I would learn the bitter history behind the Cent. His over the top OPness upon release (supposedly, I wasn't playing at that time so I can't give an opinion) his nerf into the shadow realm of un-viability and his current status of 'if played perfectly you are essentially a lvl 3 bot and will only lose if the opponent does not know how to play vs Cent.

The Problem.

For a character whose entire kit was designed to punish people for turtling and is supposed to be the 'mix-up specialist' he has very limited tools to force someone to play offensive, and to win has to actually make very risky, low reward plays. As it stands there are currently only around 3 ways to open on someone:

Feint to a Light attack - Standard opening technique that most characters have however Cent is greatly weakened in that he can only follow up his light in the same direction he just feinted from. Light attacking from any other direction is so slow that even if you did juke the player with the feint he has now fired his heavy attempting to parry which will always land before the Cent's light. If he didn't attempt parry however his window of time to react to the light is so wide even the most average of players can block it easily. Finally even if you do feint - light in the same direction, and he does attempt the parry allowing to land the light it still does't matter as you've done the most minimal damage, and can now only either follow up with another light, from the same direction, or go for the GB which most players will break.

The kick - Standard charge unblockable, not all that different from the other characters however it lacks any sort of uniqueness that the other characters have. All you can do is follow up with a light to jab (which again any one who has play vs Cent will know is coming and dodge) or heavy, unlike the Warden who can; cancel his charge, delay his charge, or feint this charge into a GB. The Glad who has multiple unblockables to keep the enemy guessing, Nobushi whose charge can be very hard to predict, the Warlord's headbutt which happens slightly slower then blinking or the Highlander to can follow up his charge with his unblockable grab throw down to a guaranteed heavy.

and lastly

The Charged Heavy - Now to be fair for this one the parry timing is pretty small, and if it's missed the Cent will land his huge punish wombo-combo. However most experienced players will have the timing down and will counter it, or they will simply dodge or block. The highest skill level this can be used to is predicting the enemy's attack and timing the charged heavy to land after his swing OR doing a purposeful whiff heavy to 2nd heavy in the hopes that the enemy will swing and get caught by the follow up. Both of these are incredibly difficult because the require and pretty in depth knowledge of the other character as well as a solid read on the actual player and whatever he will attempt to do.

Suggestions to make Cent viable

Allow Cent to feint - light attack in any direction with the same speed as doing it in the same direction. Almost every other character in the roster can do this. It feels downright unfair that a character with a gladius, a weapon designed for speed, is denied a basic maneuver that is given to almost the entire cast.

Allow the Kick or Jab to be canceled or feinted into GB. This simple change would give the Cent a little more mix-up potential. I don't feel as though both kick and jab need to be able to both cancel and GB but either move being given one of the options would give Cent some tools to keep the enemy guessing without taking too much away from the Warden.

Allow the direction of the charged heavy to be changed either before release or while in the air. I know this one is a bit of a stretch but it would really give the Cent a great tool to open up turtles. Currently when players see a Cent going for the charged heavy they will simply stand and wait to block or attempt the parry. This change would really amp up the risk for doing so.


I don't think Cent is as broken as others seem to however he does need some tweaks to bring him back in the game. At this point everything he can do Gladiator can do better. Currently he has some serious class identity issues. He doesn't have the speed of a Roman legionnaire with a gladius, he doesn't have the health of a Roman legionnaire fully armored, and a lot of his emotes don't match the stone-cold disciplined attitude I feel a Roman legionnaire would have. Doesn't it seem like his thumbs up /thumbs down execute, impale then turn to imaginary crowd with 'pump it up' arm motion execute, lay down and eat imaginary ggez mode grapes emote are all things the gladiator would do?

I really like the Centurion, but as I reach higher and higher levels of play his faults are becoming glaringly obvious and when playing against someone who knows them and plays into them its very blatant. I also understand how being on the bad end of the charged heavy -> Charged Jab -> knocked down Heavy wombo combo doesn't feel great either is it really that different from the Wardens shoulder bash spam, Nobushi dodge dodge kick spam, or Gladiator's toe stab spam? These are all issues that come from not understanding the character and knowing how to react. I'm sure that if anyone who believes Cent is open went and played him only to rep 1 they would realize how little he has to work with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it is a sizable chunk of text and I tried to make it as short as possible while still outlining the issues I see with this character. I know a lot of the release characters are getting priority this season however I feel Cent doesn't need a rework to be brought back, just some fair tweaks to make him viable.

01-24-2018, 06:50 PM
I agree with you centurion needs a buff. He has a very limited moveset and all his attacks are being countered at normal and high skill level. Centurion is just a noob stomper and thats it he is nowhere near as good at high level plays

01-24-2018, 08:48 PM
Agreed, he definitely needs a buff.

01-24-2018, 09:06 PM
You are completely right. He's a noob stomper. Thats it.

I have him up to rep 9 because I actually like the way he looks((I worked hard to make him look dope))), and... its disapppointing. Good players absolutely demolish centurion.

01-24-2018, 09:27 PM
Yeah, as someone who hates Centurion, even I can say he needs a buff. I have my Nobushi wiping the floor with almost all of them.

Edit: I dont think anyone thinks he broken atm, Im pretty sure most are in agreement that hes pretty eh at best.... Before he was busted though, could infinitely stunlock you into wallsplats which wasnt fun in the slightest.