View Full Version : What is the future of technology for Just Dance?

01-18-2018, 08:35 PM
I'm concerned that Microsoft is discontinuing the Kinect sensor (and the adaptor for Xbox One). I love that dancing with Kinect is hands-free and that it places a premium on the full-body choreography.

Will dancing with a phone or remote be the way of the future? I realize that the lower body and full-body motion impacts the scoring indirectly with a phone or remote, but this method of dancing doesn't compare to the strong demands that Kinect places on the footwork, leg angles, and lower body or the ability that Kinect has to check that arm and leg motions are properly synchronized. I'm not a fan of one-handed dancing since I discovered Kinect.

If you can't comment on the specifics (perhaps due to a pending patent), perhaps you can address my more general concern. Will there always be a way to dance hands free and have the full-body choreography directly matter for the scoring?

When I watch the Word Cup matches, it appears that Kinect technology is used for the scoring. I had hoped that Kinect would be here to stay. If indeed it is being discontinued, I hope that something good will come to replace it.

Almost every phone, laptop, tablet, and PC comes with a camera. It would be amazing if these cameras could be used to sense full-body choroegraphy and judge the scores with hands-free dancing. Is there any chance for this?

I love Just Dance.

01-19-2018, 11:13 PM
Greetings greekphysics!! From what we know there will still be support for the Kinect it's just that Microsoft with discontinuing the production of the sensor. Similar to what happened on the Xbox 360. Many players were still able to dance on the previous titles but was slightly harder to purchase the sensor. If more information comes to light on this topic then we will make a public announcement for the players concerns. Thank you!

02-22-2018, 06:14 AM
Yeah, going to add my voice to support this too, I much prefer using a Kinect to having to hold something while I dance. The tracking is a major attraction for me, I'd love to see that sort of thing improved both with better/faster tracking, but also with features for the perfectionists among us maybe indicators for which limb is wrong, or even a dancing avatar shown on screen next to the real dancer instead of the tiny camera image at the top (which would be great with the slot machine or even IAP for costumes/skins if your accountants want motivation for the idea).

Maybe if there's no solution to the Kinect EOL problem and if there's no way that Ubisoft can deliver their own tech replacement (which isn't unknown in this market segment anyway) then they could offer JD on iOS that utilizes the front facing camera on the iPhone X (and presumably other ios devices going forwards), which seems to basically be a kinect anyway. Given the option I'll prop up a phone on front of the TV and use airplay if necessary rather than either holding a $1000 phone in slippery hands waving my arms around or pocketing it and basically getting a super expensive pedometer with a video.

06-12-2018, 08:47 PM
Today I discovered Ubisoft's new Just Dance 2019 website:

Under Key Features, it says, "Use your smartphone to track moves – no PlayStation Move or Kinect needed."

This is cool. I can't wait to try it out. (I might still prefer my Kinect sensor, which I love, but I look forward to testing it out and comparing the options.) I hope this mode will be available when the Just Dance 2019 demo comes out. I love that this will give dancers across all platforms the opportunity to enjoy a similar gameplay and scoring experience.

Speaking of which, I was looking at the song list for the Just Dance 2019 Word Cup online qualifications at https://en.justdanceworldcup.com/ (right now, you need to click the "Here" link to read the rules in order to see the song list). With experience using multiple platforms (and familiarity with some of the top dancers across each platform), I feel that this is a very fair song selection. I see songs that are both easy and hard on Xbox, and songs that are both easy and hard on Wii U. If I didn't already have a strong preference for a particular platform, it would be very difficult to decide which platform to choose. I'm not really sure which way I think I could put up a higher score.

06-12-2018, 08:50 PM
Or wait a minute... Maybe I read what I wanted to read, instead of what it actually says...? When it says to use the smartphone to "track" moves, and when it referred to Kinect and Move, I immediately thought of dancing hands free. But now I'm thinking it's no different than the normal use of the smart phone, and by "track" it means to hold the phone in your hand and use its motion capability? Maybe I made a big mistake with my previous post... Oops.