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01-10-2018, 01:38 AM
I don't really want to complain about this hero she is sort of cool but I generally stick to knights but it is honestly annoying and a tad unfair ( Yes I know a lot of things are unfair in this game ) When you have a PK and nobushi putting you on bleed and having a shaman do that jumping attack but from what I have seen earlier shaman can instantly do it again as soon as her toes hits the ground without a slight pause or cool down, And when you are in dominion fighting other people well I don't know you can dodge one of her leaping attacks but as SOON as her foot touches the ground she can instantly do it again, Not to mention she literally gets two heavies just from a GB and throw into wall, If you have anyway to counter this stuff it would be nice to hear I havent played this game in a bit so I am a bit rusty.

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01-10-2018, 01:44 AM
I try to interupt shaman with a light attack when they try to bite me. I found it really hard to dodge but the light works good. If you play with friends you can tell them to interupt the shaman before they finish the bite attack.
When i play shaman myself and bite an opponent its like 50% chance My random teammates want to "help" and hit me interupting the bite.

01-10-2018, 01:51 AM
You can parry her second heavy even after a wall splat, that and get side dodging heavies are probably the easiest in her kit to get parries of on. Any follow up heavy can be initiated while you are being hit. Don't bother waiting, just watch for the indicator and hit it. If they don't feint, it will get parried.

01-10-2018, 05:33 PM
shaman is a problem. as has been elaborated many times before but it will be ignored because its the precious child of the bald man.
i get furious just thinking about how he probably is proud of that creation...

ill just quote myself from a different thread to spare me the lengthy explanation.

please be honest and dont defend your new favourite cheesy character

she has a hard cc wich makes her THE best possible assasin in 4v4.

she does NOT have low hp. as a matter of fact she has more hp than she should have. she has the same amount of hp as a tank-hybrid while having auto-heal and the most mobilty in the game. her running is even faster than shinobis.

bleed is so easy to apply with her because she has an improved peacekeepers softcancel. wich can alse be done after a chainfinisher or during zone.

she also has no recovery time becasue she can cancel those by dodging. wich leads into the strongest and savest dodge attack in the game.

wild cats attacks are so save to use because there are 3 different timings and allows to attack from a save distance wich makes shinobi look like an idiot for falling over everytime he uses his ranged attack.

she also has raider fury with an build in softcancel gb. this gb softcancel has always giving me a free gb propbably becasue the timing is difficult to tell.

her headbutt is also an improved warlord headbutt because of more reach, can be started from a backdodge, has wallsplat and can be deleyed/canceld.

her throwdistance is also off the charts. shes an ****ing assasin why does she exceed in throwdistance. AND to top it off it guarantees a mercy/hunger. like wtf?

25% damage reduction and second wind are feats that have no place on an assasin. especially if she can already use her auto-heal.

all her wildcat moves are chainstarters which can lead directly into her ub sofcancel/dodgecancel mixup.

to summarize she has the best assasin attributes while also additional been given improved moves from completly different classes.
she is no jack of all trades. she is a master of all. and that makes many other character redundand.

01-10-2018, 05:52 PM
Its rly frustrating, fighting against her...

Im rep 9 Highlander, she can be like 15 lvl hero in hand on lower player and this shaman player is enought to smash head to keyboard sometimes and let his cat play with mouse and still beat me... just feints, speedy gonzales dodge attack, guaranted wallsplat bite, 2 hits on ground... wow...


01-10-2018, 08:30 PM
stab her lmfao