View Full Version : Hook Hand Clyde proposed change

12-19-2017, 09:40 AM
In-game, RNG (random number generation) can sometimes feel really unsatisfying. When it comes to this card, it feels like either you can get an insane amount of value (a 3 energy card taking out a backline ranged card as well as existing as a unit) or feel completely underwhelming (he targets New Kid or a tank). This being completely RNG in theory is acceptable to balance out the 3 energy price but I feel like a slight change to his targeting would make it feel fairer and more rewarding.

Iíve noticed that he targets units UPON RELEASE of his parrot. This means that any units dropped during the spin animation can also be targeted. I feel that this removes any possible counterplay (for example, dropping a Dougie after he invests in this unit that wonít be able to attack it) but also can feel unsatisfying for the user (you use HHC, enemy drops a Zen Cartman during the animation).

Changing his targeting to be locked as soon as he begins spinning the parrot would be a minor change, but would result in more interesting counterplay, as well as increasing his situational utility for the user. Overall, more satisfaction.

12-19-2017, 12:46 PM
I hypothesize you can drop units as parrot passes and moves forward to new kid. It can be like the **** magic retargeting as cards die or new cards enter yet it never goes backwards.