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12-04-2017, 01:03 PM
1st Post :)

Fix Find New Opponent option on Duel Mode!
I got the same Opponent for like 4 times, and this happen like 10 times already! Are players in For Honor so few?
I get out to world map, afk for like 5-10 mins, and yet got the same enemy as the last one i fought!

Balance Dominion Matchmaking!
How can a team with 1 Bot, 1 Rep 30, 2 Rep 1 Win against 1 Rep 50, 1 Rep 130, 1 Rep 80, 1 Rep 160?!
If you can't balance this, then GET RID OF GEARS, and let it become cosmetics.
Make it like ranked mode, not even many players plays ranked dominion mode.

Balance Duel Matchmaking!
Find an opponent where they're at least Slightly lower or Higher Skill than us. And it suppose to be depends on our latest performance. I'm just a rep 3, yet fightinga rep 65. Instant lose and it said my skill is on par with him. Is that thing broken or something?
Again, are players in for honor so few?

Class : Shaman's bite is ridiculous! When bleeding, its damage is freakin huge, and it heals the shaman. At least! Don't let her restore stamina from 0 (recovering) to FULL GREEN! Or reduce it damage and heals. Its too hi-reward ability.

Last but not least : Connection.
I don't need to explain this right? Matchmaking failed, happen oftenly.

Failed to join session. Returning to main menu.
It said contact support. (0004000027)

Well, here i am.