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11-28-2017, 05:46 PM
Why dont we all have a go at making some far cry 5 map editor feature predictions. my predictions are - cross platform map sharing pc,ps4,xb1 and social media intergration, when publishing a map the info and picture of map gets shared to your twitter or facebook to let your followers know you just published a map.

11-29-2017, 10:41 AM
Integration with Social Media would be a no-brainer to have, allow the map makers to start spamming the net with their maps. But actual Social Media integration in the editor probably won't happen, rather it be from the game/publishing side (if at all). Perhaps at most when publishing, the editor would display a web link to use in Social Media outings. If this is not supported natively, I can see if I can update my maps.farcry.eu site to hopefully facilitate that. Possibly in joint venture with Battlemap. But all that would depend on whether I can somehow get the required data from the game.

I really hope the map editor will deal with being able to delete maps & removing the need for duplicates in the Map Browser. It annoys me to see duplicates of maps, the map browser in FC4 isn't too great.

I hope that good maps will have more visibility in the game, or uPlay. Like being more social, actively notifying players when their friends have a map out, or playing/favorited a map they liked a lot. That's social advertising right there, but within the game/uPlay community itself.

As for the actual map editor features; I'm actually drawing blanks at features I really miss in the FC4 editor. Perhaps smaller water bodies, and more stuff from SP like the doors, subquests, more interactivity and better objects. Plus allowing player progress in SP/coop maps by having the grapple hook / wingsuit / whatever as a pickup.

11-29-2017, 03:08 PM
This is hard.

Strictly speaking about the IGE, each iteration has gained new tools. (im sure I might miss some stuff here)

FC3 got the hole tool, ocean and various water layers and basic SP aspects added in.

FC4 got full SP style integration, enemy waves, a background vista.

My predictions for FC5 would be improvements on the tools/options

Obviously there will be new assets, and hopefully a LOT of them, an improvement on the vistas, maybe more of them (that should be easy), more weather option like snow, rain, thunder, hail, fog basically an improvement of the previous several FCs. Just some basic SOLID mp modes, no gimmicky crap, more/better water layers/ocean/s, real waves with rip tides and curls would be great, a real cave tool to make caves ala' Just Cause 3.

Generally I just see improvements to the pre existing systems with more added to each of the tools, not a complete redo of the ige.