View Full Version : Pls for internet access to ingame shop, outfits, season pass & language in patch 1.00

11-23-2017, 04:55 PM
Pls access to outfits helix stuff & season pass, language in patch 1.00 :'(
Pls access to outfits helix stuff & season pass, language in patch 1.00 :'(
Dear ubisoft, can we pls if were playing with the first patch without downloading the latest patch use our buyed helix stuff or our heka chest rewards in patch 1.00? I mean we unlocked the outfits or even buyed it with real money. I really wish we could use them . The access to downloading the german language or to the shop is not avaible! Im german. We would be really happy if we could use our helix stuff in patch 1.00. I mean we can use the weapons of the trial of the gods in patch 1.00 but the mummy outfit or the other mounts not. By the way Its cool that we can use all the legendary weapons etc from heka CHESTS. BUT PLS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET US USE OUR OUTFITS FROM THE HEKA CHEST OR THE SHOP. I love so much the mummy outfit and the unicorn or the fire horse but cant use it in patch 1.00 where the graphics are INCREDIBLE :'(. Now in patch 1.03-1.05 theyre you know theyre suck really much. Like everything is so unclear and wasted out and the draw distance even of 2m is a nightmare. So please were begging you. WE WANNA USE OUR SEASON PASS STUFF AND HELIX STUFF FROM THE SHOP IN PATCH 1.00 AND I WANNA PLEASE HAVE ACCESS TO THE GERMAN LANGUAGE TOO XD I WISH YOU THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK BY FIXING THE GRAHIPCS BACK TO THE START. Ok thx for time. Have a nice day