View Full Version : A few changes that would make the Aramusha a little more fair yet still fun to play.

11-22-2017, 04:43 AM
I think it obvious by now that the Aramusha has some cheap tricks up his sleeve. I think he is super cool but the light spam and the advantage rock steady gives his chains is a little much. I want to feel like a musashi acolyte which means it should take some skill to weild his blades. I have 2 changes that would make him much more fun to be and fun to fight.

1 To avoid the light spam make it so a 3rd light attack in a row ends his chain and has a slight delay added to its animation. This will make his fastest combo light,light,heavy. while still alternating side,top,side or top,side,top. The reasons I think this will help are:
A) Aramushas heavies are blockable/parriable giving the opponent a chance to break the chain.
B) allowing 2 lights still gives the cool effect that he has 2 swords and can attack twice real quick.
C) The Aramusha will still be able to continually chain if they learn how to properly feint their heavy attacks. This puts button mashers at a disadvantage and reward players who try to master the character.
D) there will be cases where people still rely on the triple light hit but the 3rd hit can be blocked if timed right but slightly harder to block than his heavy giving you a nice way to end the chain if you need to, as an alternative chain end to the directional chain end.

2 Replace Rocksteady with a different passive for his 2nd skill. I think thick skin would be a good substitute as it still provides a defense minded passive option. I think revenge strike would be just as bad as rock steady because with the quick attack chains you would have revenge focused "make you break your controller" Aramushas.

All in all I like the idea of a fast, mind game oriented, mix up intensive character that Aramusha seems to be gear toward. I just feel it should take more skill on the players side to make him good in that way and i think trying to force players to work on mastering his feint heavy mix up as part of his chain will help thin out the people you are just jamming their light attack button through the other side of their paddle.

11-22-2017, 04:49 AM
Or Nah.

11-22-2017, 06:10 AM
Yeaaaaah no. Your first idea completely destroys the identity and design intent behind his kit.
Hard feinting his attacks doesn't continue his onslaught. His deadly feint does. Which wouldn't be a feature in your proposed solution because he's only ever allowed 3 hits in a chain.
Light spam is a player issue and not a kit issue.
Button mashers are already punished against players who are actually competent and have reaction times. If we started nerfing every hero based on one supposed gimmick that gives bad players a hard time we'd have worse kits then we already do with most of the cast.

I don't play 4v4 so I can't comment on your second suggestion.

11-22-2017, 03:19 PM
I think both ideas are very bad.
First. Aramusha's infinite chain is not hard to deal with as long as the connection is good. You only needa focus in block/parry/dodge/deflect - all options are open to you. He can not throw any unblockables from neutral. His second zone hit is slow and can easily be parried after it is no longer cancelable.
So he only got 500 ms side lights and 400 ms top lights that need to follow a specific pattern going for him. Or better say against him. Because hardly ever will light span get you far.
When it comes to strong players using feints and letting the heavies rip, those can indeed put some pressure. But you can still go for parries - he is simply playing mind games trying to bait you. Thanks to his speed though, some lights are likely to go through your block.

However, almost all characters that are at least mid tier have some ways to get some damage in. He is just a faster berserker with a fixed pattern, without hyper armour and less damage.

Now to his feat.
I think rocksteady lets him stand out. Makes him unique like a Shugoki for example. Is it strong? Yes, of course! This feat always was. Is it too strong? I really don't think so. Due to only a few people actually playing heavies, people mostly didn't even realize why some stuff didn't work in some circumstances. With Aramusha being very present those days, you can of course say you died because he was immune to your throw attempt.
I would say: you did not pay attention! Especially in team modes it's less about individual skill and reactions but more towards tactics, decision making and adapting to situations.

His overall feat setup is nor overly strong or weak.
There are way more impactful feats.
Specially for tribute, all kind of traps are real amazing. The new smoke is amazing. The healing banner or the catapult can decide whole matches there when fighting in tight quarters. Rocksteady can't do any of this.

Edit: you might call me crazy, but actually I would love for Aramusha to have a deeper moveset. More options from neutral because this is what the game is moving towards. Shaman is the perfect benchmark. Only get numbers are off.