View Full Version : PVP With Friends? Other features?

11-21-2017, 09:32 AM
Will this feature ever be added? A friends list either through adding someone in-game in your team/by username or link your account to facebook and automatically add your facebook friends? There would be little/no reward and your friend has the right to accept/decline your invite to PVP. I just want to see where i stand among my friends.

Additionally, will they ever allow players to donate upgrade items? Or at least sell them (cards too)? It's getting very annoying that none of the PvE stages give the items that i need, it's difficult to win or get coins, and i only get like a maximum of 1 each from PVP packs.

Lastly, this can be very chaotic and buggy but allow us to invite an online friend to play a PvE stage together but the difficulty is greatly increased, either double the enemy units' health or both their health and attack. Would appreciate if more social features were added to make the game less boring.