View Full Version : Suggestions for the Club and the mechanism of friends

11-20-2017, 04:27 PM
Hi Staff of Horse Haven, I would like to make a few suggestions of what I believe would improve and the gameplay of the game, especially in the contact between players, because this game seems more like a solo and competitive game than a game so that we can make friends , exchange experiences and have fun together with our friends. Come on my suggestions :

1-Enter the Club only with the permission of the owner; (If there's a limit to take, then it should pass by the leader)
2-Allow subs to help run the Club;
3-Allow create descriptions for the Club;
4-Allow create some restriction for entry to the Club members. Ex: level constraint or restriction for specific horses, as the constellation;
5-Enable increase in the number of members as the Club be able to fulfill some missions;
6-Create more events for clubs and missions for the clubs can progress;
7-Allow inclusion of Club members in your field of friends;
8-Create a post so players can exchange messages within the game, both among friends, as between strangers and, especially, between members of the Club;

Please Staff, carry out my wishes!
I await answers about my suggestions ;)