View Full Version : Bug in Level 3 PK vs Gladiator

Plutonium Bug
11-17-2017, 10:30 AM
I have found a bug in the AI of the Pk. I am not sure if it only happens when she is level 3 yes or no but only fought level 3's yesterday.

So the bug is when you are playing as a gladiator and the PK is out of stamina. When you do the toe stab that should knock her down when she is out of stamina she gets full stamina within a millisecond after hitting the stab. This happend 3x only with PK so i can replicate the bug. Place on map didn't matter. Killed me 3 times as well lol as i am fairly new to Glad and she was almost dead and so was I and hit my stab to punch her on the ground and BAM! full stamina for her -.-

So for the devs could you guys have a look at this at some point? it isn't game breaking just annoying.

Anyone else encountered this? N