View Full Version : Found a hiiden map

11-15-2017, 09:54 PM
So me and my friends were messing around in custom games when we stubbled upon this hidden map! this thread is for Developers attention link below

11-16-2017, 12:00 AM
Interesting find! It looks like one of the maps from the Campaign. I'll certainly make sure that the team is aware.

11-16-2017, 12:15 AM
I like it.

11-16-2017, 06:37 AM
Keep it.

11-16-2017, 12:56 PM
That's a cool new mechanic to have. I like it.

Tundra 793
11-16-2017, 02:40 PM
One of the more popular For Honor Youtubers, i forget who, said this map was in their early access Season 4 builds as well. He said it might be related to some upcoming Winter/Christmas event.

11-16-2017, 03:26 PM
Wow been awhile since I seen that map. Loved the ice breaking away making the area small in the campaign. Would be one wild duel map. Ledges everywhere even under you lol.

11-16-2017, 03:56 PM
I played it a few times last night. You have to as concerned, if not more concerned, with the environment than your opponent. Very interesting map. Hope it stays.