View Full Version : Bit of props for ubi

11-15-2017, 04:27 PM
I know its popular to **** on this game and the type of progress made on it (ive done it myself) but i have to say i personally think they've made fine steps with this new update. The stamina bar blink coming back, more out of stamina punish, new maps, a new game mode, new war map (which ive always liked but always felt that as 1 person my contribution was meaningless) etc.
My only problem so far is probably shaman. I know people make the argument its to early to tell with her, but i strongly believe no matter how much time we wait she will remain stupid powerful. I wont get into all the things that make her crazy because im sure you are all aware of them. She seemingly has no weakness and can do almost anything. So besides that, I feel like this update has been an improvement to my game play experience and so i give props.