View Full Version : Could we see these characters added to the game?

11-12-2017, 05:00 AM
There are so many characters from South Park's history, and different versions of those characters, that we could expect to see in the game. What are some characters you hope to see added?

Because we have Terence Mephisto, I wouldn't rule out dead characters like Pip, and since Kayne aka Aquaman appears in one of the loading screens, there's a chance we could also have parody characters. With Fractured but Whole also recently out, I don't expect to see Superheroes real soon, but more likely further down the line.

Characters we'd like to see
- Clone Big Gay Al, from the 1998 video game
- Clone Barbrady, from the 1998 video game
- Ugly Bob (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Ugly_Bob)
- "Mantequilla" Butters, from S15 episode "The Last of the Meheecans (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/The_Last_of_the_Meheecans)"
- Pirate Cartman, from S7 episode "Fatbeard (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Fatbeard)"
- Christophe (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Christophe)
- Cartman Cop, from S2 episode "Chickenlover (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Chickenlover)"
- Darth Chef
- Death (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Death_(character))
- Scott the **** (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Scott_the_****)
- Gregory (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Gregory)
- Clone Jimbo Kern, from the 1998 video game
- Clone Stan Marsh (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Clone_Stan_Marsh)
- Clone Dr. Mephisto, from the 1998 video game
- Nibblet (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Nibblet)
- Pip Pirrup (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Pip_Pirrup)
- "Steamy Ray Vaughn" Randy, from S15 episode "You're Getting Old (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/You%27re_Getting_Old)"
- Damien Thorn (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Damien_Thorn)
- William Wallace Mutant Turkey, from S1 episode "Starvin' Marvin (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Starvin%27_Marvin)"
- Vario from "Imaginationland"

Also all of the Ninja versions of the characters from the S8 episode "Good Times with Weapons (http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Good_Times_with_Weapons)".