View Full Version : Dominion XB1 connectivity 🤔

GMG Peter
11-03-2017, 06:15 PM
Hi everyone!
Today i experienced whole new level of flustration..

I can play duel and brawl with no problem or sometimes some error.. we all have been trough usual set of errors (session full etc.)

But Dominion today is....ok rather give you numbers before i start to be swearing all around.

Cca 80min of "playtime"

14x tried to start Dominion match- servers on "very high activity"

From that 6 times i was trough loading to the game itself.. Game allways crashed with connection error 5 seconds after that i was In actual game...

Rest of times- error before even made it to the screen where you choose your character.

Summary - 80min wasted time
- 14x tried matchmaking
- 0min of actually playing

I am used to some errors there and there, but this really seems out of control to me... Ubisoft any response please?

Yeah and my connection is perfectly fine. Just in case u ask