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11-02-2017, 07:26 PM
Have you seen this?


https://www.facebook.com/DinoTomic.Art/videos/1748392588513233/?hc_ref=ART-2g2anwKV5hWcsZfSBpvE6wWxXfmUu49IEMC824y1Q257TsjX9Q A767DdPS-sE-8
Assassins Creed commission piece done for Ubisoft for their 10 year anniversary of the Creed franchise This whole piece you see here is 8X8 meters in size and it was all done using only regular kitchen salt on a rolled out black carpet I spend about 2 full weeks of work to create this + a good deal of days of planing beforehand
First of all i would like to thank @ubisoftde @ubisoft for giving me a chance and challenge to create something so amazing for them. It looks tiny here on the picture but the finished piece was giant ( just look at me on the pic for the size reference ) .
I grew up playing these games so i was honored when i got asked to work on this - when recreating each of the characters with salt i felt overwhelmed on how detailed and well designed they where each in they own way - each character went trough so much design effort and people and approval before being a part of the game - it really does show when you recreate them in this size and it just blows my mind while working.
The whole piece was done in my home town of Notodden the video of me working on it is on the ubisoft pages right now - but it also includes game play footage from all the games =) i will have a video of only me working on this for you in two days time =D
Let me know what you think =D

I was hoping they would find a way to preserve it (maybe spray something on the carpet to make the salt stick) when he started sweeping it up! :eek::mad:

A huge hi-res pic is here, hidden in the spoiler tag

11-02-2017, 08:23 PM
That's incredible!