View Full Version : Getting Pretty Annoyed with FH.

11-01-2017, 04:04 PM
So it just may be me being bad at the game, and thats fine. I don't play the game as often as I could have, but I've been noticing a lot lately that people are abusing attack canceling. Not only that, but every time I use a character, they seem to be slower than when I see other people use them. I've seen people use characters that I use smoothly and when I use them, my character takes their time switching stances and attacking. For example, I was in a duel with someone and they went Orochi and I went Nobushi. My Orochi and Nobushi are the two highest reps I use and their Orochi was rep 1. They ended up beating me with attack cancels and attacks that were so fluid that after the match, I picked the Orochi and they ended up picking Nobushi. My Orochi was moving and attack like they had sandbacks tied to their arms and legs, while their Nobushi was attacking with more fluidity than their Orochi and I ended up quitting the match out of pure frustation.

Another thing thats been bothering me is the amount of players creating smurf accounts and showing up low rep players. I'm overall rep 14, though I've played the game in the Beta and since release, I just didn't play as often until about a month ago. It's frustating because nearly half of the players I encounter are using smerf accounts with decent rep characters because of how much they play against lower rep players and just absolutely crush them with the attack cancel abuse, spam, and just overall aggressiveness, not letting the other player even move.

Anyone got any tips on how I can improve? The main characters I use are the Orochi (Rep 7) and Nobushi (Rep 6), and I'm going to be picking up a few other characters (I refuse to touch the Centurion, Highlander, or Gladiator. They're too OP and I want to play to have fun and get good at the game. Not over power my opponent with overwhelming combos and stamina drain or float 360 degrees around them only to punch them off a ledge with a f**king Gladiator). I've picked the game back up after a few months of not playing and everything just seems different and slow.

11-01-2017, 07:46 PM
Pick up Highlander. I'm not sure what part of his kit is giving you so much trouble but he is by a large margin one of the hardest characters to play much less do well with. If you want to vastly improve you need to master the basics and how to mind game your opponent. Using a weak character makes this necessary. I mained exclusively LB prior to his buff but the experience gave me habits and knowledge that applies to any character I play.

11-01-2017, 09:08 PM
I usually play the Nobushi and the Orochi and they never really seemed that OP... well... Nobushi kind of is? So I picked up the Shinobi and the Peacekeeper. My PK is up to at least rep 1 and my Shinobi still needs work but I also picked up the Shugoki, who I know, even though has hyper armor (just like the HL), is decently weak and easy to kill if you know how to easily stagger him.