View Full Version : For honor Halloween event concern (plus core game concern)

10-29-2017, 03:36 AM
This is more of a problem on the game itself rather than the event. However im finding it veeery difficult to gain steel for this event to earn the limited time items when 70% of my games end in disconnects or dont even really start from connection issues. If im lucky enough to not lag out someone else or 2 will get removed instead. Honestly, you can add as much as you want to this game but you are adding weight onto an already faulty and unstable structure. I dont think anyone would complain about getting some dedicated servers and sacrifice getting any new content for a little while. Like why didn't the game start with them? Rainbow six was a clear sign that not having dedicated servers was bad for a games health. Was saving the money worth losing the majority of your for honor fan base? Was the potential for your game not seen? Or was it a quick cash grab that ended up having more staying than you assumed so supporting it became difficult since you started in such a structurally low place, similar to rainbow six? Like you guys can make some good games! So im confused on why it seems after so much work to make something unique, something so simple as proper servers that have been used in multiplayer games for years is no where to be found. Dedicated servers is not something as consumers we should be asking for, or even be worried that they might not be there in a multiplayer focused game. I often forget what a triple A company is these days. I used to think they were the people who set the standards and could create art that could not be replicated. Now it just seems they are the people any game creator tries not to be. Ubisoft and all.