View Full Version : Beyond Frustrated with Escape Shady Oaks Issue

10-24-2017, 05:37 AM
I've tried to be as patient as I can with this issue, and let me clarify that this is not directed at the customer support people I have spoken with who have all been lovely, and as helpful as they could be, given the circumstances. But it's been days now, and longer for others, and my game is still unplayable.

I've spent hours trying every option I've found on the forums here and the Steam community but nothing has worked for me. At this point I'm sure the Ubisoft team has been made very aware of this issue and yet, today when I connected support I was told "there isn't any update". And then as if to salt the wound, later the "Known Issues" was updated, and Shady Oaks wasn't even listed.

This complete disregard is appalling to say the least. The least they can do is acknowledge the issue. At this point it doesn't seem like I'm going to be able to continue my game anytime soon.