View Full Version : Bug walking animation is odd

10-22-2017, 03:54 PM
when walking and holding "s" then pressing "d" character looks in the "RIGHT" direction regardless if I have the "DOWN" (D) key pressed or not. For a 60 dollar game? It just looks so off seeing my character walk sideways like that. If I am pressing up or down keys then press Right or Left keys the character should straif left or right while walking up and down depending on what key I have pressed A or D. Meaning the character should either face toward the camera walking left right while walking down or face away from the camera walking left/right while walking upward away from the camera.

Again South Park emersion is broken because of this current weird walk style. Characters in South Park don't walk like this. I know the animation is bad but at least when they are walking down a sidewalk stepping left or right they still face the camera while they do.