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10-22-2017, 02:40 PM
Here are several bugs I have found in the game I wish to share and hope that they get fixed.

1: Walked into my parents house (my audio language is set to English) my parents were speaking Spanish then after a cutscene went back to speaking English.

2: character's eyes look in a different direction other than straight ahead (at opponent) when using his most powerful moves for Brutalist, Speedster.

3: During combat some characters (background) will stand on characters (foreground) meaning characters in the background overlap the characters in the foreground. Seems if the characters in the foreground are standing closer to the camera they should be overlapping the characters standing further from the camera. It just looks awkward.

4: Screen goes completely black after talking to Eric Cartman after he gives me my 3rd class. I can see the interaction indicators (press space to do this, blah blah) but that's it. I had to close the game and reopen it to get the graphics to load again.

5: when loading the game using Steam, the game is ALWAYS BLACK SCREEN. Only by pressing Alt + Enter does it fix this. I really hate this one because I prefer loading the game using Steam. (As do a LOT of people using Steam, you should check the reviews on Steam this game is getting some really bad feedback about 90% all thumbs down!!)

6: I had an issue with Wendy when I was to meet Call girl in the bathroom for some reason it didn't register it as a mission after closing and reopening the game. I thought I saved before closing the game but I'm not sure what happened. I had to start over again.

7: Issues with Auto save!! Failing to save... this one is particularly annoying. When it goes to auto-save it then says "Fatal Error" while saving. Only with a manual save can I get around this but often times I just want to play the game I don't want to have to stop and save every 3 - 5 mins just to maintain progress...

8: occasionally characters talk out of sync but not often. (I have a good computer with 16GB RAM and 4GB VRAM and a 4 core processor so Its not lag) I'll hear this popping sound then the characters move their mouth, then I hear the audio. Then the game catches up as if it never was out of sync at all...

9: lag even for a computer of my own with the power it has........... WOW lag is bad.

10: Game defaults to keyboard when pressing R to use the search feature when it would be so much easier to use the mouse instead to highlight over an item in the game click and interact with it. It takes longer to painstakingly move the circle over say, lego lava just to get Stan to come out and blow it away.......... it should go to mouse by default not the keyboard! After pressing R I have to left click to get it to switch over to the mouse so I can use the mouse instead to search a room or area. Its tacky to do it like this. Stick Of Truth's crosshairs worked more fluently and comfortably.

11: During battle I can't select an enemy down in my battle hud, instead I have to select the enemy on the battle floor. This can get tricky when the enemy I want to attack is under another character tends to get in the way I can't click the character I want. So make it so we can select their picture at the bottom right also as well as the battle field.

And that's it. These bugs I have found so far, I will be posting more bugs here that I find.

10-22-2017, 02:44 PM
Also I really want to make a mention

A friend of mine has 8GB RAM and 2 GB VRAM and an i7 processor running windows 8 64 bit and he says he gets THE WORST LAG! Like, he'll press a key and the character responds 10 seconds later..................... I am upset because I bought this for his birthday and he's not happy with it for this very reason. He can't play it....... it sucks....... even though he meets your recommended requirements? YIKES!

Its just construction paper graphics, so it makes little to no sense the game needs such a beefy computer such as mine to run fluently. Its just silly... Stick Of Truth could run on a 32 bit system 4gb ram. Skyrim could even run on a 32 bit system... why not The Fractured But Whole? It makes no sense.

This game sucks when it comes to performance... it really does need some tweaking in how it uses its resources... and this is something I feel is VERY important Ubisoft should take notice.