View Full Version : Thanks to server your maintenance error tonight I lost hours of game play

10-21-2017, 11:23 AM
I got a pop up saying undergoing maintenance or something so thought I just got signed out of PSN and it wouldn't sign me back in.. Kept on playing kept seeing that yellow looking spinning symbol in the bottom left so went to save and the save and load words were greyed out and unable to use .. by the time I had noticed it I had played for hours more.. Only option was to quit application in hopes Your magical new autosave saved it.. Logged back in only to fine I went from a level 485 back down to a ff@#$in 248!!! All that time lost .. Fix your busted *** system there's nothing revolutionary about something that doesn't work .. why make saves only available while connected online? It's not a multiplayer :mad::mad::mad: